What is Prison?

  1. Often I read about the frustrations our friends in forumland have about dealing with the constrainats placed upon us as we travel the path of monitoring. Life is what you perceive and make of what you have. Things can get more complicated. My friend is going to the big house, 3 squares and a bed. No more looking for a job (for a few years), no more rent/mortgage, Now its when is visiting hours, (for a few years) and when can I send him some cigerettes . If you have a chance to redirect your life no matter what the challenges are, keep in mind that things can be worse. You have a chance to grow thru your mistakes Its painfull but take the steps. Life can be as complicated as you want to make it, or perceive it. So often I go on shift and hear people ***** about all the little things around them and never say one work about all the good things that could be focused on. I have a goal to see how often can I redirect a negative statement from a peer to a positive outcome. PRISON is not just being locked in a cell, but could be locked in a state of mind, Not realizing what good is in your life, only focusing on the negative. ..... Peace ...
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  3. by   TXRN2
    Oogie- this is so very true- not only to us here on this forum, but to life in general. i am fortunate to work on what i consider the best place in our hospital to work, yet i hear people complain about this & that, about how bad it is, about our management. i, too, try to redirect their thoughts- when i can!! Peace to you, too!
  4. by   Twoyearnurse
    Oogie you are absolutely right! Prison can be a state of mind. When I first got caught diverting my parents asked what was going to happen to me. I told them I was fortunate to be a nurse- that I will the opportunity to practice- that the DEA may not bring charges because the nursing board may be the ones to deal with me. Even if I do get charges I have an excellent chance of being put into a first time offenders program (says my lawyer) because with the right treatment drug addiction can be treated and a productive member of society I can be made. Now...if I got caught stealing from someone's home to obtain the drugs my story would be VERY different. We are all fortunate to be nurses, and that a program exist that we can work to keep our licenses. I say a thank you prayer every day about this. We are the lucky addicts/alcoholics. We like to complain that much of society doesn't treat addiction/alcoholism as a disease- then want to complain about the money and time we spend in monitoring. We spend no more money than does a diabetic who needs to have a limb removed or the patient with CHF who is hospitalized. We have a disease that will kill us if left untreated- aa/na, psychology appointments, reporting on our progress, and being carefully watched over are all treatments- it keeps us honest.