What a week!#$%$! But I'm still sober = )

  1. Last week, I found I had to have more extensive dental work including oral surgery and some root canals, a friend and fellow AA'er committed suicide (son of my first sponsor), a long time client at our work decided to end his life by walking in front of a train, my mother's birthday passed (she died last year and it's still hard), I totaled my car, and work was horrendous. But because of everything I've learned through the rooms of AA, my sponsor, and all those who love and support me, I didn't think about going back out or picking up. This is the miracle of sobriety and one of the many reasons why I love this life. No matter what. No matter what. I just keep repeating that to myself. I have no means of transportation to get to work and this dental work is going to cost about $8000 (insurance will cover about $1500). We are still behind in our mortgage about $9000 and someone I care about took his own life because he just couldn't "get it". All of that and it's still "no matter what". I'm taking things one moment at a time right now and spending a lot of time talking, talking, talking. Because it lessens the fear. So I had to come here and talk some more. Thanks for letting me share
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  3. by   pca_85
    What a horrible week, I don't know that I could have been so tough in your shoes Feel free to pm me, congrads on your continued sobriety.
  4. by   waldo_1984
    Wow, I think we all would agree that's one hellofa week!! The miracle of AA is found in our ability to cope with life with out reverting to drugs and alcohol, its an amazing thing really!

    Life can be challenging but continue to put one foot in front of the other, this too shall pass.
  5. by   TXRN2
    mucho, mucho kudos to you!!! this is what it's all about!! you go girl!!
  6. by   ::Goodie::
    Hugs to you - "Life on Life's Terms" can really, really suck. (And I hate that word, but couldn't find one that fit any better) It ain't all unicorns and glitter, is it?

    When I consider that I used to drink for the stupidest reasons - failed a test? yep!; got an A+ on a test? Yep!; Lose the boyfriend? Get a boyfriend? Yep....yep..., I think when we have weeks (sometimes months and years, it seems, unfortunately) like the one you've had - the VICTORY of not taking that first drink or drug is HUGE.

    Way to work a program. Be sure to honestly share with others what kind of week you've had and how you stayed sober, and present, through it all. Your experience, strength and hope through these tough times will surely help many others see they can also live life on life's terms without picking up. We can do AMAZING things when we're sober.

    Good for you!