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Hi all...been awhile!!! Locally, (NE Ohio) we are in need of nurse or medical professional recovery support groups. I tend to stick with AA in my area and of course have no ill will towards any other fellowships. Anyways, a... Read More

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    Quote from NeedchangeofPace
    PS I am always looking
    But the question is, are you GOOD looking?

    Where the heck did he/she come from?? It's a plot isn't it!
    I think you just had a

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    the 4th tradition is a beauty..."each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting "whatever" A (NA, AA) as a whole. I live in a rural town where there are not nurse recovery groups available, ony AA and NA. I go to both fellowships and have found nurses in each. we tend to cling to eachother and share our experience, strength and hope. you can start your own group, call it whatever you want, and be completely autonomous. as long as you dont affect other groups.
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    Does anyone have information on starting a Caduceus AA meeting? Are there any guidelines for Michigan or is it (as I think) a closed AA meeting for Medical Professionals? Does H.P.R.P. have any authority or rules about the formation of new Caduceus meetings?
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    I'm sure there are rules if you want to start an "official" Caduceus group, i.e. one which is "recognized" by the state licensing agencies. However, there are no rules for starting your own "nurse recovery support group". I do recommend that you come up with some sort of structure and perhaps some goals in order to remain focused. One of the problems I've seen in many nurse support groups is the tendency to turn into **** groups...lot's of whining and complaining about how evil the case workers are, how unfair and lacking in compassion the state board is, how rotten things are at work (if you're lucky enough to have a job), how the significant other "doesn't get it", etc.

    I've started 2 support groups dealing with childhood sexual trauma and a nurse support group for recovering nurses. Without those guidelines the groups fall apart pretty fast. You don't necessarily have to follow a strict 12 Step format, but it definitely makes the start less "bumpy". Decide what your "mission" is and then design the action steps to achieve that mission. Here are a few places to get some ideas. Good luck!


    How to start a support group.

    How to start a peer support group

    Starting an AA Group (from AA)

    Starting a support group
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    Does anyone know how to find a list of Caduceus meetings in Michigan? Is there a website? Thank you in advance for your assistance! Thanks!
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    Well, an old saying goes: All you need to start a new meeting is a resentment and a coffee maker!

    Honestly, just stick to a format that you can all agree on for a few months (until you take a new group conscience); try not to let it turn into a **** fest or group therapy. It's an AA meeting.... One that a buncha' nurses happen to be drawn to... good luck in your journey! (All of us!)
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