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My girlfriend is a newly graduated RN and had her first hospital job in a trauma unit. She was very good at her job and never had any disciplinary issues in the 4 months she was employed. One day... Read More

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    That was my thought too - not saying anything at all about your SO, OP. From past experience mine, and also friends here in La, but probably not going to be easy at all. I am sorry she is having to jump thru those hoops - some people don't have trouble finding employment after entering the program. I was not that lucky, and it was a long, hard wait and look for a job.

    Anne, RNC

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    "She was then asked to submit a urine test which came back positive for marijuana. This was because she smoked at a party a few weeks before."

    Actually, more like a few DAYS before.
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    OMG.... that is just so unfair. She does not deserve to be treated like this. I mean really she did it on her own time didnt effect patient care, who do they think they are? Everyone of us has our own story, some for drugs, some for alcochol, some for both. Best thing she can do is quit complaining and grab hold of this program and ride it to the end, and if you are going to be in her life quite being an enabler by making excuses and become supportive. I am here for alcohol abuse, she is here for smoking pot. Work the program and quite trying to manipulate the system.
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    yep- nothing left to do but suck it up & git-r-done!!
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