Tips for a probationary license RN to interview Tips for a probationary license RN to interview | allnurses

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Tips for a probationary license RN to interview

  1. 0 I have two upcoming interviews. Does anyone have any tips to make it a great interview. Things to avoid...This is all new to me.
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    Just be yourself and be honest. I had an interview on Friday and told the Dr. that I was a recovering alcoholic and he congratulated me on my sobriety. I don't know if I'll get the job but it's nice to know that there are people out there who are accepting of our disease.

    Good luck!
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    Good luck. the member named The Commuter has written a series of 3 very very good articles on interviewing well, here is link to one of the 3 articles.

    ^ the links to the other two articles Commuter wrote, are embedded in that, too.

    that is just general interview advice, not specific to recovery topic in any way. If you have a specific question or something, maybe if you post it, someone would have a good suggestion of how to word things. good luck!!