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Hello everyone, I am a nurse in recovery. I practice in ICU for almost 5 years. In June of 2010, I had a very tramatic experience. Ended up with a PTSD, depression, anxiety diagnosis and about 6-7 meds to go along with it. ... Read More

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    Hugs to all. MyheartRN, we are glad you found us here on AN. You are among friends. Also if you want a laugh or to just chat with others check out Breakroom. It's where I go after a stressful day.

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    Blessed are we that you can share your story with us....this is a safe place. Keep up the good hard work!
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    Quote from Merlyn
    On this board we kind of help each other cope when we are not throwing insults at each other. You can come here any time.
    Ain't that the truth! We can be such a mud slinging group until one of us actually falls in the mud puddle then everyone piles in to help the other out. It's much like the relationship of siblings.

    Welcome OP and may you find some peace.
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    I will offer up some encouragement from an old nurse who is not a substance abuser and has never personally experienced your difficulty...but I have walked alongside of a couple of friends/colleagues who have. Please know that there is still a place for you in your chosen profession, after you get well. Know also that there are many of us who will not judge you but will try very hard to support you in your efforts to practice nursing while remaining "sober".

    I wish you the best of luck. I pray that you find a friend or two in your professional life who can help you with your self care goals.
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