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  1. As I've stated in previous posts, I am an experienced RN with 20+ years of nursing in my heart! I came to a sudden impasse with the LSBN and was investigated, challenged and left for dead! Although a previous manager, colleagues, and many employees vindicated my professional and personal character, the board would not dismiss or have leniency against the charge.

    I have been (and will continue to be) an outstanding citizen in my community and in the healthcare arena, but when I present the state's consent order, those who I have served and served with for many, many years turn away. I've been looking for a productive, serene work environment for the past year, and still looking....! Any help???

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  2. Poll: We're you willing to give up after being turned down for more than three jobs?

    • Yes, there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

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    • No, I will keep knocking until someone says "come in."

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  4. by   backtowork
    Never, Never, Never give up. The miracle may be right around the corner.
  5. by   iluvhrts
    Are you in Recovery? I saw in your previous posts about a + THC but nothing about working a program. In Georgia, we have to show we have been through treatment and are working a program if we test + for anything. I know you are in a different state. I am having a tough time in the job market too!! I always make sure I tell them about my program and don't act ashamed of it. I am proud of it. I have worked hard for my 212 days. If they are not going to be supportive of my recovery, I don't need to work there. We are also required to go to a nurses group and a proffessionals group once a week the entire time our consent order in in effect. These meetings are a wealth of contacts and information. I have two interviews next week!! Good Luck!
  6. by   iisonu
    Thanks for the encouragement! Giving up is NOT an option! God speed:heartbeat
  7. by   iisonu
    Hi iluvhrts,
    I am not in the RNP, however, my license has been restricted: random drug screens, having to work under the supervision of an RN, and completion of 20 legal/ethical CE's. I am sure it would be better for me if I did have a physical support group, but that was not one of my requirements.:icon_roll Participating in the forum discussions have been a tremendous help! But, I can't seem to connect with anyone from my area!:uhoh21:

    Yes, this situation may be embarrassing to some, but once you get over the embarrassment, it's all uphill from there! Thanks for responding, and may you do extremely well with your interviews! Let us know how everything goes!
  8. by   iluvhrts
    Maybe it's not a "requirement' to go to AA or NA, but you obviously were using drugs. And going to a support group of some kind might offer you a little insight. Doing a little extra never hurt anyone. I hate to say it but it sounds like you might be in denial. Good luck.
  9. by   sissiesmama
    Hey! I sent u a pm. I was in the RNP here in Louisiana back in 1999. I had a HARD time finding someone to give me a chance after getting in the RNP. It did happen, but took a LOT longer than expected. I'll be glad to answer any questions if I can help!

    Annd, RNC
  10. by   iisonu
    Hi Sissiemama,
    Please check your pm!