Starting new job Monday:)

  1. 1 Im very excited to start my new job. I didnt think after the last year i would find a position let alone a a great job. Im starting as a nursing mentor/ manager or a 22 bed skilled nursing unit in a Continuing Care Retirement Community. When my license was reinstated as probationary I put word out to many close friends who i had graduated Nursing school with. It just so happens one of my friend had just gotten a promotion and was looking for a nurse to fill the position. I explained why I had to surrender my license in the first place to the DON and she was very understanding and accepting. Thanks you all for listening. I have about a year before I can get off probationary license. I cant wait.
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    CONGRATS! That is awesome. Best of luck on your new job.
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    I am sooo happy for you. Congrats. I hope all of you looking for work find it.
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    Thanks guys ... I was scared it was going to take me a lot longer to find a job.
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    Congrats to you. I start in a new nursing position on Monday as well; I just arrived in my new home state last night. I hope we both have a great Monday. Good luck to you!
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    Congrats on the new jobs! I love hearing those stories!
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    Congrats to you also Marie.

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