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Hi! 15 years into sobriety, I have taken the first step (pun intended) and applied to two separate nearby nursing schools, a nine month LPN program and a two year RN program, here in Panama City. My test scores were solid.... Read More

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    congratulations!! it is indeed a good feeling when our efforts pay off & the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together for a change!!
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    Dear Afbc, Congratulations to you! I am so proud that you made many sacrifices and faced adversity and WON! The Nursing Profession shoukd be honored to have you a member and never forget that. You give me hope and strength that I can overcome things with faith and patience.....I am so proud of you and good luck in your future career as a Nurse!
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    Please accept my sincerest apologies, much too much time has passed since my last update considering how often I lurk these forums while studying or doing homework.

    Sooo. . . Currently working on my fourth full-time semester of college and life is awesome! Still have the perfect 4.0 (pharm may have something to say about that this semester) and have snagged a few minor scholarships. The support I have received along the way from both members of the recovery community and my fellow classmates has been phenomenal. I am truly blessed to have such awesome friends.

    My nursing packet was resubmitted on the first of October, and my nursing adviser has informed me that I am an "exceptional candidate" for the January 2013 class. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunities laid out before me today!

    Ironically, now that time has passed and my fear is gone, I am quite open about my past to both my fellow students and my instructors. I am, and will always be, just and old homeless drunk trying to make a better life for myself and those whose lives I touch.

    Work is great! A promotion or two later and I am now the admin supervisor for our small substance abuse facility. Fun, fun, fun to say the least! Insurance credentialing, DCF licensure, CARF certification, EHR’s, insurance billing, off-site coordination for medical services, all fell into my IN box. . .

    Both of our managing partners are extremely supportive about my chosen career path, and have consistently bent over backwards to accommodate my academic schedule. Recently, I was given the opportunity to train my successor for the transition in January IF I am accepted into the nursing class. At that time, I will be the late afternoon and Friday “paperwork” guy. AWESOME!

    Anywhoooo. . . Need to get back to Pharm I guess, mid-term Monday!

    Love you guys and wish all of you the best,

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    “As a representative of the Admission Committee, I am happy to inform you that you have been conditionally accepted into the Associate Degree Nursing Program for the Spring 2012 Term.”


    So incredibly grateful today,

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    I am so happy for you and the nursing profession. It appears the nursing profession is about to gain an excellent nurse! Best of luck to you!
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    Congrats! You will be a tremendous asset to the nursing profession
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    18 months since an update...

    Probably about time to say Hi and tell anyone here on the forums in recovery to keep on trudging!

    Miracles do happen - my life is a perfect example.

    Middle of my third semester now - sitting here procrastinating when I really should be nose deep in a text book memorizing all the different pediatric congenital heart defects.

    Life is beyond good..

    Long gone is the 4.0 - B's for Degrees is my new motto! Think I need one A before graduation for magna cum laude - I don't particularly care but I know it would make my mom proud.

    School's awesome - Love clinicals - love being me around people and knowing that people actually appreciate me for who I am, and not some mask I wear.

    Love the support of all my classmates - Friendships I cherish and hope continue on past nursing school.

    Have an awesome job working at a rehabilitative hospital as an aide - movin' bodies and cleaning up poop - Best experience I could ever imagine before actually getting my license.

    My desire to go into addictions nursing has waned some over the past few years - my time at the substance abuse facility left me a bit burned with mental health. I find my interests now leaning towards peri-operative, wound care (yes I'm serious) and strangely enough, peds.

    I appreciate the support I've received both in and out of recovery. Hopefully, someone who is following my path - older, a bit of sobriety, looking to do something amazing, and scare to death of the first step forward - will someday read this and see that if an old, homeless drunk like me can wander backwards into nursing school - then anyone can.

    Best of wishes everyone - Last final is mid-November. Practicum finishes early December. And I hope to take the NCLEX early January.

    Thank you again - know I love each and everyone of you - even if we've never met.

    Love you guys and wish all of you the best,

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    What an encouraging thread! Although I'm glad to say I read the whole thing today and didn't have to wait to see what happened. So happy for you and you should be so proud of yourself! The nursing world needs people like you in our ranks. Congratulations!
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    Thank you for updating! Like I've said before: most of us come here afraid with the idea that "oh my god my world is imploding and this ship is sinking and I need to jump!". Your story is beautiful! Please keep coming back and offering your hope
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