same thing all over again?

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    I have worked for five years as a nurse since being monitored. Two different ltc facilities, but for the same administrator. Recent corporate changes and messes within the facility resulted in me being terminated. Nothing to do with my hx, except that somebody discovered by hx, printed and posted throughout the facility the info available online. Corporate says that had nothing to do with my term, and they are fighting my unemployment. I don't really want unemployment, but need it until i can find employment. Husband just had major back surgery, and i'll be losing my health insurance or having to cobra it, for which i don't have funds to pay. Anyway, applying puts the same old fears and barriers in my face. I successfully finished monitoring program in March of this year. I have misdemeanors on my record from 2003. I am afraid that I'm running into the same negative reactions as before. Has anyone gone through this? Has anyone found employment seeking to always be a problem?

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    WOW! Co workers did that to u?? Sound like a few I've worked with in the past.

    Anne, RNC
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    Quote from faithnow
    ... i successfully finished monitoring program in march of this year. i have misdemeanors on my record from 2003. i am afraid that i'm running into the same negative reactions as before. has anyone gone through this? has anyone found employment seeking to always be a problem?
    hi faithnow....the fact you have completed your monitoring program is huge..congrats, congrats this will promote positive reactions from quality potential employers... and your misdemeanors are almost 10 years have a ton to be proud of and if you take that attitude of pride and self confidence into the job will find a great job that is never going to tolerate the kind of abuse you were subjected to at your last positions. people who practice being hateful and mean spirited have there own little corner or of he** waiting for them..or are living it right now..either way..they are toxic people and no job is worth being subjected to their evilness.

    now, pull up those positive panties girlfriend and ..go get the job you want and deserve.
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    Hmmm a call to a lawyer might be a good idea ..even though the info is online it was dispersed maliciously and affected your lively-hood..wouldn't hurt to ask. Possibly if your former company gets just as much as letter from an attorney they may stop fighting your unemployment at the least..good luck!

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