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I lost my nc rn license r/t dwi. I never had any issues with my practice as a nurse, no diversion, never impaired at work, never harmed a patient, never forged prescriptions. I have my license back, but the restrictions are so... Read More

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    Dear all Professional Nurses.I am really really hoping someone out there can help.My situation is this.I have over 6 years post grad experience,acute care.I took up a new post on a different country,ran into issues with my manager,got so stressed out I ended up making a medicine error(mistook one for the other).Following this near miss error my manager got HR involved made me out t obe useless and I got sacked!Following this she refered me to the Nursing Board whom requested I undertake a performance assessment.My registration was suspended in the mean time depending on the result of the performance exam.Nethless to say I was so nervous in the exam that I did not perform well,in fact It was a disaster.....After months of waiting I got the Board result which was not in my favor.The performance assessment was deemed unsuccessful,which means I am not safe to practice at this time.This has nothing to do with health issues but incompetencies.My options are now;try to get a job with restrictions(supervised roles for a period of time),employee reports education plans,,or redo the exam again in the hope I will not be so nervous,or let my registration lapse.It has been a complete nighmare let me add.I have been treated like crap by my union and my attorney Is not very helpful.I cant afford not to use him as my union fees cover his costs I am wondering if anybody has been In a similiar position to me with such matters and what are the chances of geting an employer to give you a chance???There must be away around this,I just made a few errors and was not concentrating.On the up side I am feeling a bit more posative afert having lots of rest ect but was very very down and upset for a whileTthe fact my Manager basically stitched me up was devastating and completely unfair.I was so powerless and so sad.Anyway please post posative suggestions only,thanks you guys!
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