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Hello! I have 9 months left of my contract but am starting the process to relocate from a non-compact state to a compact state. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on how to proceed! ... Read More

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    Thank you for sharing your story. Honestly, this is not easy, but I know that I (we) will all get through it one day at a time! If you don't mind me asking what other states to you apply where they did not require additional monitoring. Good luck to you!!!!
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    The entire process is fundamentally unfair. When you're sick, you should get a doctor and get well. You shouldn't have to have a lawyer.
    Agreed. I've often said this is the only disease where the person is "busted" before being diagnosed.

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    Jack, I'm soooo glad that you still care even though there is $ to be made from others' misery. Kudos to you. All I've ever wanted is to help without being traumatized myself. If the world were perfect, I would expect a competent person to make a case for my reinstatement without an exorbitant fee. Not gonna happen. Sober and healthy without BON help, AOA
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    But I should add that I am seriously underemployed! Not a perfect life, but not beholden to some dumbass socialworker with issues. LOL.
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    May I ask what states are not requiring you to do monitoring?? I'm in OH and about 6 months away from the end but want to move so badly after finishing this madness. I can't and will not do this over again.