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I am an RN and have been out of nursing for well over a decade so need a refresher course. I left nursing by my own free will because I was diagnosed in 1996 as bipolar and was hospitalized and was... Read More

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    I have not been here to the forum in a good while and came back and was pleased to find more comments to my post. It is wonderful to have all of yalls ideas and thoughts. I have such a low opinion of myself. I have gained weight, ny feet hurt, I am not the woman I was before. I want to be that vivacious nurse running up and down the halls again and not the sad person I am now. Just knowing that there are people who think I have even a remote chance of being a nurse again makes me smile and feel like a real person again.

    I am going to make the changes I need to. I must get a new Texas ID. And I will make the calls I need to. I guess I will need some scrubs and shoes and stuff. I still feel so far away from all of this.

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    come on back girl, I might suggest starting back in LTC, pace a little slower, and believe it or not rewarding, home health another option.... !
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    Know EXACTLY how you feel. I just went through all of those feelings. Hang in there. Get your scrubs and shoes and keep your head up. You still have great skills they're just buried under a mound of low self esteem and crappy feelings about yourself. You'll be suprised how your skills come back its like ridiing a bike. WARNING! Don't forget your recovery #1. I've seen many go back to work and not have time for meetings and their sponsor etc. and relapse quickly. Recovery is number one. Let us know how you are doing. peace and serenity.
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    Thanks to all of you for responding. This is really helping me. I will answer all of yall as a group instead of individually, hope that is okay.

    Ok, I just want understand. It was said that I should contact the BON to see if they would reinstate my license so I could take approved refresher courses (PHES Online). BUT I thought TPAPN was geared towards the idea that if you went through their program, then your drug or achohol abuse or your psychiatric disorder (only certain ones) would not have to be reported to the Texas BON. Do I have to admit to mental illness to get my temporary permit from BON to take refresher classes? Is it okay to practice in the capacity as a student even without TPAPN at this time because I am under the license of a teacher? Don't they have to know since I have not had TPAPN?

    Do I have to admit to being Bipolar to the BON if I am going to go through the TPAPN program?

    So what is the order of events? I need to take CEUs too. Also take CPR course.

    I don't want to screw up. Do I need an attorney?
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    Hi Phlox-

    When I took my refresher course, I didn't need to take additional CEU's for the 5 years I had been away from nursing. In fact, the refresher course covered me on CEU's for 5 years into the future! However, you need to inquire about this from your own BON.

    Often, nurses who have lost their jobs have trouble affording a lawyer so if you can afford one, I would get one. Be sure to get one experienced in administrative law & dealing with the BON. It will put you mind at ease to consult with one who can advise the best route to take to get your license back.

    Hold your head high, sweetie, and tell that negative voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough to SHUT UP! ((((HUGS))))

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    Quote from phlox
    Thanks morte.

    I was not fired or "let go" or asked to quit because of mental illness. I was diagnosed and put on medication and then thought to myself that I should quit in order to be safe. So there was never an incident of any kind. That is one reason I resent the whole TPAPN thing. I did no wrong. In fact, the way I handled the situation was closer to overkill. My DON did not want me to quit and asked me to stay. I quit so nothing "bad" ever would happen. But now for so long I have been stable and, as always, compliant with my meds. I do not drink or do street drugs.

    But even so, I am clumped in with those who have abused drugs and alcohol. I was born with my condition and it makes me who I am. I am an artist and I am gifted in ways many are not. My Bipolar Disorder is not something that I should have to be ashamed of and the very idea of TPAPN makes me and others feel like it is somehow "wrong". Bipolar Disorder is not wrong and it is not some bad choice I made either.
    And drug addiction is a's not something anyone "chooses" either.

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    I don't mean to offend and I understand that addiction is a disease. I guess I resent having to pay for and put up with random urine test. That is really what I meant. My mental illness does not make me an "addict".
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    Quote from lifeistweet
    WARNING! Don't forget your recovery #1. I've seen many go back to work and not have time for meetings and their sponsor etc. and relapse quickly. Recovery is number one. Let us know how you are doing. peace and serenity.

    I don't understand why I would have to have a sponser and meetings. I understand a nurse watching me at work though. What relapse? Recovery? I'm Bipolar. It's forever.
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    Quote from phlox
    I don't understand why I would have to have a sponser and meetings. I understand a nurse watching me at work though. What relapse? Recovery? I'm Bipolar. It's forever.
    Yes, bipolar is forever, just as addiction is forever. They are both associated with alterations in the brain's chemistry. Just as a chemically dependent individual can begin using again if they don't actively work a program of recovery, it's possible someone with a mental health disorder can also "relapse" to previous activities which can lead to worsening of the symptoms.

    I think a solid understanding of Bipolar Disorder can help with many of the self esteem issues as well. I've discovered having an in-depth understanding of how addiction is related to the biological, pathological changes that occur lead to the emotional and behavioral changes associated with active addiction has done much to help me feel "OK" about who I am. It also helps me understand why an ongoing plan to keep my disease in remission is so important.

    Mary Ellen Copeland, MS, MA is the author of several books on "Wellness Recovery Action Plan" for psychological/mental health disorders. She does not write specifically for substance abuse/chemical dependence WRAP (plan to maintain recovery), but many of her plans can be changed to meet the needs of the recovering addict. I highly recommend her books for anyone looking for assistance in developing a plan for maintaining recovery. Part of the plan is almost an "advanced directive" for the sponsor or recovery partner to utilize if the person begins to show signs of relapse. And, I'm using the term sponsor and relapse specifically for mental health issues other than recovery from addiction.

    Books by Mary Ellen Copeland include:

    "Winning Against Relapse: A Workbook of Action Plans for Recurring Health and Emotional Problems."

    "Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability" (New Harbinger Workbooks)

    Another book that I've heard good things about but have no experience with is "
    The Bipolar Workbook: Tools for Controlling Your Mood Swings" by Monica Ramirez Basco, PhD.

    Working with other who have gone through similar experiences is one of the best ways to get into recovery and remain there, whether we're talking chemical dependence or other mental health disorders. Finding a support group or groups for Bipolar Disorder could be a huge help in dealing with those unexpected times when things aren't going smoothly.

    Some web sites of interest:

    Wellness Recovery Action Plan: Opening the Door to Relapse Prevention and Recovery
    by Mary Ellen Copeland, MS, MA

    Mary Ellen Copeland (lists several books, including these titles: The Depression Workbook: A Guide to Living with Depression and Manic Depression, Living without Depression and Manic Depression: A Guide to Maintaining Mood Stability, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, Adolescent Depression Workbook, The Worry Control Workbook, Winning Against Relapse)

    Wellness Recovery Action Plan pdf file free for download.

    Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

    Bipolar Recovery and Management Information Homepage

    Living and Coping with Bipolar Disorder

    Building Foundations Toward Recovery in Bipolar Disorder

    I think building a solid plan for remaining in recovery from the symptoms of bipolar disorder and having a support group with a "sponsor" before beginning your re-entry to nursing would give you the best shot at re-entering successfully. Good luck with your efforts and let us know how things are progressing.

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    Thank you. I am still stuck in the same spot as I was years ago and it makes me sad. I simply must make changes or I will lay on my deathbed with only regrets. I must go back to nursing.

    Three years is a long time to dwell on this.
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