Random testing at the end

  1. Oogie, was soooo right when she said beware of the final hour!!!! I am not on tpapn, but am on an agreed order. I thought my End in sight was 12 months from the time it was ratified. HOWEVER, THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!! Ex. If your paperwork was ratified by the board on the 8th of the month, you will continue until the END of that month either 12,18,24,etc months have passed(whatever your time frame is). Which kinda sucks becuz I will have an additional 3 1/2weeks of monitoring after all. Also I went to the TXBON disciplinary site and looked all the "recent action" and SEVERAL ppl were place on new agreed orders for longer, referred to Tpapn, suspended, and even revoked LITERALLY DAYS BEFORE THE END. One person actually the day before he would have completed his agreed order!!! HORRIBLY HORRIBLE!!! I have <60 days to go......hanging tough and thanking GOD everyday. Special thanks to Oogie for posting what she did- cuz that made me wonder and be DEATHLY AFRAID OF THE BON ALL OVER AGAIN( that in itself will keep one on the straight path, lol). Thanks Oogie!!!
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  3. by   Big Blondie
    Ok. Now this is making me nervous the person you said had a day left on board order, did he not meet requirements, or have some logical reason? I havent heard from board and know I cant control the situation, I have no legal charges against me, although I could've. Based on posts. It sounds hopeless.
  4. by   shi1130
    The man I was referring to had one day left until he was completely finished with his agreed order and he tested positive or ETG .perhaps he thought he was done and actually wasnt and they tested him the VERY LAST DAY. And that's pretty much what Oogie stated on her post also about her case.
    The BON is definitely something to be scared of- not to make you fell worse, but it really is. They are not PLAYING one little bit!!
  5. by   Big Blondie
    Oh, I didnt relate the two.
  6. by   silverbat
    Sorry, but I gotta say this, having been thru discipline process before....
    If you are ending your disciplinary action and can't wait until its over to partake of your substance of choice....you haven't learned anything.
    So maybe its good that person was "caught".
    If you are truly rehabbing and staying clean, then it should not matter one itty bit how close you are to the end of your disciplinary time WHEN you are tested. If you are clean....you are clean and test away, me hearties, cause I'm gonna be clean forever, etc....NOT ok, now I'm off discipline the 12th, so we'll plan my celebratory party the next day...WHoo hooo...WRONG! Just my opinion!
  7. by   Oogie
    I agree with you (mds1). If your waiting to "partake" you really haven't learned anything. Making a better life for ourselves is the primary goal of walking this path, along with maintaining the ability to earn a living doing what we love "Being an RN". Not letting your guard down also refers to living in fear of the vast amount of products in our everyday lives that can lead to a false positive on a UA. From what I've read just using Hand Gel a few times is enough to give you a Positive for Etg (partially due to inhaling the vapors). Taking OTC Benadryl for allergies, Positive. Listerine mouthwash, Positive. Taking prescribed medications for real ailments with no intention of abuse (we are not immune to illness) ..... I could go on, but you get my drift..... I wish Y'all well, be aware, and don't let your guard down..... Peace
  8. by   shi1130
    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU MDS1. If the first time didn't teach you anything you will definitely be in tpapn or on an agreed order again-count on it. Wishing everyone well and a successful road to recovery( or whatever your situation may be). God Bless.