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Could any of you explain how it is that a RN gets put on the OIG list and what this entails. I am just curious as to what I may be facing. I am right now in the investigation process and holding my breath. I did not divert meds... Read More

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    Yes! That is the exact same contract that I have...I only began mine about 5 weeks ago...again, this stems from an incident in 2001! But I have to play the game in order to work. I don't think that I am not allowed to work night shift as long as there is a house supervisor on...other than that, its the same. I was fortunate though, I just began working for a case management firm, NO patient contact at all. I may miss ICU and PICU but it's nice to not have to think twice about finding someone to pass your narcs. The other bummer is that I have worked 7p-7a for just about my entire career. I am so used to 3 nights and out, working 5 days a week gets getting used to--however, no weekends, no holidays and no call. So it's a trade off.
    About the OIG list. I am not sure if they automatically place you on it if you are in a monitoring program. I was on the list b/4 the IPN contract. So, I guess just keep checking the list for your name. If you dont know if you're on it, then your employer would not know either. Again, I dont know exactly when my name made it to the OIG. It was a long long time from the time of the incident. But if worse comes to worse, you can get yourself off the the list. As I said, I had people write letters, sent the addictionologists report and bascially informed them that I was calling the IPN. I think the biggest thing the gov't is concerned about is Medicare fraud which is what the OIG was set up for. I don't know how licensing issues ended up on the list.
    ANYAY--GOOD LUCK...what state are you in?

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    I'm in Nevada.
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    OIG exclusion for actions taken (publicly, not through a diversion program) by a BON is OPTIONAL for the OIG. They have complete discretion whether to take any action to exclude you. Some are excluded, some are not. You will be notified by mail of their intention to exclude you before it happens so that you can write a response. Exclusion for license actions last as long as the action remains in effect, after which the licensee can petition the OIG for exclusion removal.
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    I appreciate your response and it sounds as if you know what you are speaking about,HOWEVER...I was NOT informed of the OIG's list or their intent before my name was placed on it. It took years before I knew. From 2001 to 2009. I was able to remove myself and the AG's office was helpful. To all of you who are facing this, good luck and be persistant.
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    I am confused. I thought you said you did not know when your name was placed on the list? The notice which is sent by the OIG is sent regular mail to the address on file at the BON. If there has been a change of address, or if they send to the wrong address you will never knoiw, nor will they since it is not sent certified mail. Certainly the best way to find out is to search for your name on their website. Generally it takes some months for them to take action once there is an action against your license. Again, only when there is a PUBLIC probation/suspension/revocation could there be action by the OIG. No action takes place if you are in an alternative monitoring program.
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    About how long after you respond to the letter of intent to exclude does it take for OIG to reach a decision on whether or not you will be excluded? I volluntarily surrendered my license for no other reason than I left the stateand was not planning on returning and I was reported to OIG.
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    I'm in Texas and I voluntarily surrendered as well. I was excluded from OIG not long after I received my official order from the nursing board. I was told that they excluded anyone that has had negative action taken by a board of nursing. It is a nightmare to be on the list. Fortunately I just got my license reinstated and it took about a week to be removed from the list once I was reinstated from the board! By the way the list shows up when anyone does an internet search on you so it will be with you forever! I desperately wanted off that list!
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    I am a nurse that is in your situation. I have surrendered in one state and dont know how to go about telling my current state I live in about the surrender. I know I will eventually be put on the oig list.

    How is IPN ?
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    I noticed you posted this in 09, I was wondering what happened? Are you still clean/sober? I am a new grad who was just denied for my past indiscretions, and wondering if you were on this list and over came it maybe there is hope for me.
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    Do you or anyone else have any advice for a new grad who was denied due to a past criminal history rooted in drug addiction? All of my cases where reduced and dismissed. I have been clean for 5 years and I am a very active member in my local 12 step fellowship.I worked really hard to get this far and I am afraid that if I appeal I MIGHT LOOSE.

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