NP School Interview

  1. I am having an interview for an ACNP program. I am very nervous about telling them I am in a monitoring program. Has anyone had school interviews while being monitored?

    Any suggestions?
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  3. by   Oogie
    Look'em straight in the eye, tell'em our past makes us stronger an I will prove myself. good luck!
  4. by   HunnieBadger
    I think that we make better practitioners than not, we have an inside understanding that many lack. We also understand the personal struggles of day to day life better than most as well. Be upfront and honest, don't dwell on it or let let make you feel like less than a human! You've earned the right to practice, keep us updated! Best wishes.
  5. by   afbc
    I went through a somewhat similar situation about 3 years ago while trying to get into nursing school - I will ask you this:

    Would you prefer to tell the truth upfront and risk not getting in, or would you prefer to omit the truth and spend the next few years fearing your past will be found out and you will be asked to leave?

    I told the brutal truth in my interview - every deep and dirty secret - and now every time I walk down the corridors of my school, I know I have nothing to hide.

    It's a great feeling!

    Best of luck - hold your head high and stay strong

  6. by   Twoyearnurse
    Perfect advice! I think the anticipation and fear are terrible foes. It keeps us from moving forward. Reality is that everything I've experienced so far isn't nearly as frightening as what I create in my head. Just remember that these people we interact with, who interview us are people just like us. Good days and bad days. You can do this!
  7. by   Umberlee
    I had my grad school interview during the summer. I knew I would not start my program until January, if accepted, and would not be doing anything clinically for at least a year and a half. Since I graduate in February and my contract does not state ANYTHING about school, I did not say anything to my interviewers nor to my monitoring case-manager. I'm going for psych so I'd have hoped my program would be open-minded and if anyone had asked me anything along those lines I would have been truthful, but I'm sure not going to come out wearing it on my sleeve.

    As it was my interview went horrible--I'm pretty sure I came across as straight-up manic as I was sooOOOOoooo nervous AND jacked up on two cups of coffee...oy...but I got through anyway.