My name is Tweety and I'm an Alcoholic - page 7

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I grew up feeling different from others. I was always the kid that other kids made fun of and was horribly uncool. My home life was a bit dysfunctional, but not as bad as it could have been.. Mom had issues with mental illness... Read More

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    as a recovering alcoholic/addict myself, thankyou for sharing. i am able to feed and thrive off of your strength and carry-out my goal to stay sober, if just for today. recovery is hard enough especially in our field where we are caring so whole-heartly for others that we tend to dismiss our own needs by "self-medicating" them away.Ther are times when i think i "need" a drink, but i go to step 4 and start my moral inventory all over again.Thanks for your story and strength
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