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Missed Call-ins

  1. 0 I have been in TPAPN since Feb 2012 and as of this past Friday, I have missed 3 random screens by forgetting to call-in. I had gotten in a routine of remembering to call, as after I missed the first two, I began setting an alarm that goes off 7 days a week at 1100. I don't even remember not calling that day; I am guessing I was in the middle of something and instead of snoozing it as I usually do, I turned it off telling myself I would get to it in just a minute. Ends up, I never got to it. I am a single mother of an 8 month old baby girl, I am exhausted, and really stressed out. I am anxiously waiting on a call/ email from my CM, wondering if I will have to start over or if I will be referred to the BON. I can only imagine how bad this looks. It is so frustrating because I have been sober a couple yrs now, and have nothing to hide. I am really scared that I have just ruined my career over my absent-mindedness. This sucks.
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    Well, just got that call and I am being referred back to the board. I wonder what they will do now. If anyone else has been in this or a similar type situation, please respond with your experience. Thanks.
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    I have been on contract for about 3 1/2 years in Nevada. We have to call in 365 days a year, even while on vacation. I have been horrible in remembering and was actually pulled in after this last year because I had 12 missed call in's. Thank God they were on the weekend (we never test on the weekend) or I might have missed a call in during a day to test, which would have even worse repercussions. As it stands, I had to write a plan of correction and meet with the Disablity Advisory Committee. Nothing else. I did just get notified of 5 more missed call in's, but 3 of them were prior to my meeting with the board, one was right after I had surgery and was supposed to have been taken off the call in list because I was on narcotic pain meds, and the last was the day after I stopped taking the pain meds....I was out of my routine and missed the call in, point blank. I just sent my response off to them and am waiting to see what happens. I was told at my last meeting with them that they would be checking up on me periodically so I imagine I will have another meeting with them sometime soon. I will most likely have my urine drug screens done more frequently, which at $50 a test, sucks. But that's my fault.

    Good luck and I hope all goes well!
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    I missed a check in once and was called to take a test immediately. I never missed another one after that. If paying for an extra screen is the punishment then I won't do that again. I know that's not much help but I hope your meeting goes well.
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    In VA, you check in either by calling in or computer. I do the computer check in. Is that an option for you? I wouldn't remember if I had to call in.