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Hello to all my fellow nurses... I have not been here for a can take some interesting turns... Anyway, I was contemplating last year to attempt to regain my RN licence.. But only now, through a set of... Read More

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    Check your email Ariel.

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    Got the message...
    Thank you
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    Quote from ariel7777
    Got the message...
    Thank you
    Excellent! Look forward to more discussions!

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    Thank you
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    I have to follow up with IPN (v6b) for evaluation and tx if needed. After a RN refresher course I will have my license back. I understand IPN gives a list of drs to see for the evaluation. I've also heard that IPN gives everyone a contract regardless of the eval.
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    Congrats on many years of sobriety!! And welcome back!
    All the best on your endevours!
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    I just had my IPN evaluation last week. He was totally inappropriate and didn't listen to a thing I said. He said anyone who has a DUI on their record gets a five year contract with IPN. I feel that he is out of touch. I called IPN and told them about his dirty comments to me. Hopefully, he will be taken off of the list of evaluators. I'm going to another doctor for a second eval.
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