1. Hello my fellow recovering nurses. I have never posted on this site but have been an avid follower for over a year. My story is just about the same, diverted, fired for refusing drug test, dept of health investigation(dismissed), IPN eval, IOP, 5 year contract, etc.... my license is free and clear, I am working full time, and have just about completed my 10th month with IPN. Thank you all for your continuous stories of hope and strength. All your encouraging words have kept me focused and positive when things were absolutely terrifying and dark. I am about to finish my BSN at the end of February, and am thinking of doing an online ARNP program. Just wanted to say hi!!
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  3. by   sissiesmama
    Hello! I am an RN who was diverting and entered my state's RNP in 1999. Gad u are here with us! I know I have been able to gain SO much insight by talking to some of my peers here at AN that have been or who are going through some of the same challenges.

    Congrats on your 10th month of IPN! My program was 3 years to complete it, and some times it seemed to fly by, and sometimes it seemed that every day dragged on and on - almost like I was walking under water - SO much that I let weigh on me. My now dh and I have both been in recovery since 1999, and he is also a great spport system as well.

    I look forward to talking to you in the future - let me know how the ARNP goes!

    Anne, RNC
  4. by   TorsadesRN
    Hello! I too am an RN who diverted, got fired, charges, reported to BON, self reported to PNAP and have a free and clear license and am in my 10th month in the PHMP. I am working full time and as of this month, will be clean and sober 10 months.

  5. by   parn5910
    TorsadesRN, I am also from PA and it sounds as though my situation is similar to yours. I am just new to this and terrified. I was hoping you could share some of your knowledge with me. I was arrested for a public intoxication and was found to have meds in my purse from work. I voluntarily and immediately went to rehab after my arrest. I knew I would lose my job, and I did. I found out about PNAP in rehab. when I got home, they had already sent me a letter saying I was referred to them as a nurse that may have substance abuse problem. I filled out all their info and mailed it back and contacted them as instructed. I was reading the qualifications for acceptance into PNAP program. It says you cannot be convicted, plead guilty or solo non contendo to misdemeanor under drug and cosmetic act. My lawyer says I can be put into a diversionary program which would be PNAP. As I understand it, to get into an ARD or diversionary program, you must plead guilty. Doesn't this make you ineligible? Certainly, I cannot be the only one with charges pending. I would like to think there is help for me.Can you share with me if your legal issues were a problem getting into PNAP. I'm afraid if I don't qualify that I will lose my license. I have been a RN for 19 years. Any advice or experience from anybody would be appreciated. I have not heard back from PNAP confirming or denying me yet. It has only been a week, but this whole experience has been keeping me on pins and needles.
  6. by   Austin12
    You will be under the guidance of PNAP; however, you will be in a different program. The stipulations are almost identical though. Basically PNAP is your liaison with the Board. You will not talk to the board directly. I'm in NC and I am signing the contract to transfer to PA not b/c of the stipulations but for family purposes. I be been clean for 26 months. In the program for 24months. My restrictions have been lifted. Which our restrictions are for a yr versus PA 6 months of restrictions.

    It is difficult when you first start in whatever program your in; however it is not impossible, follow a honest program and all things will fall into place my dear.
  7. by   TorsadesRN
    Hi Parn! Take a deep breath and tell yourself, "it is going to be ok".

    Like Austin said, start following an honest program and all things will fall into place.

    My experience was this....
    Charged with two misdemeanors. Went to court after I had already reported to PNAP and Rehab. I had no prior criminal record, confessed to everything, went to rehab, going to meetings, had a sponsor, home group all of that before I even went to court. The judge offered me ARD. I was NOT convicted, nor did I have to plead guilty or no solo. It was ARD with 6 months probation. After 6 months, my fines were paid, probation was over, I didn't get into any trouble. The charges were dropped and my record is being expunged.

    I don't believe PNAP can deny you. However, a criminal conviction, guilty plea will determine whether PHMP monitors you, or you get placed in the DMU (disciplinary monitoring unit) for monitoring. I believe with the DMU you usually have probationary licence and/or action against your licence. This is MY understanding.

    I was very fortunate. I have not had any trouble with PNAP. I think this program is a God send! I have been in the PHMP for one year. I have to call first lab M-F. I get drug tested about twice per month. Monthly progress reports get sent to PNAP and quarterly reports from my employer. I must attend a minimum of 3 AA/NA meetings a week.

    It is only 3 years. And personally, I am thankful for the extra accountability. I am greatful for the monitoring program and this is all a very small price to pay to keep the initials RN after my name.

    God bless all of you in and just starting recovery. It is very scary in the beginning. The unknown terrified me. But I personally got down on the ground and surrendered my life over to a God of my understanding and prayed for him to help me.
    I follow an honest program, started doing the next right thing, and my life all just fell into place.

    So, stand up, brush yourself off, and smile. This is your new start.
  8. by   TXRN2
    @ Torsades: very well said- that's it in a nutshell!!
  9. by   parn5910
    Austin12 and TorsadesRN Thank you for your responses and knowledge. I am nervously awaiting a call back from PNAP to tell me if I am accepted or not. I completed inpatient rehab and have a week left of IOP. Going to meetings. It is nice to know that we are not alone. I am not proud of what I have done, but I am choosing to not live that way any longer. I know I can be a stronger person have gone through this .
    I have lots of anxiety related to the drug/alcohol testing that they do. I am completely sober, but worry about products that contain alcohol such as cosmetic and hygiene products. It is almost impossible to find one that does not contain alcohol. Cleaning products do not seem to list active ingredients. Can anybody comment on the alcohol in products and how it impacts testing?
    TorsadesRN, I really feel that our stories sound very similar. My lawyer feels that since I have no prior record or any type of offense that I will be able to do as you have done and do the ARD and have no convictions. Any experience and words of wisdom that you or anybody else out there may have, would be greatly appreciated. I know I am and still can be a good nurse, but I have lots of hard work ahead of me. Wish me luck. I admire all of you who are doing PNAP and any other VRP out there. It would certainly be easy to throw in the towel and run away.
  10. by   TXRN2
    @ PARN: you can do this!!! stay clean & sober- take things one step at a time. do the next right thing in front of you- follow PNAP's instructions to a "T"- & you will be fine. i avoided all OTC meds- except tylenol, did not really change any cosmetic or cleaning products- & i was fine. i worked at the time where i basically had to use the hand sanitizer the facility provided- multiple times per day- fretted about that for a while- but tested several times right after work- & never had a problem. best wishes- hang in there- & be patient!! these things happen on their time frame, not yours- & that can be frustrating!!