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  1. by   JSlovex2
    So, technically...if someone has a history of depression then they would have to report to the board when applying for licensure of a mental health history? That seems absurd!

    I saw another nurse post here saying that she was being investigated after making some errors at work and the board investigator had records of every pharmacy she had ever been to! How is that legal? Does the board have the authority to check the medical and pharmacy records of every nurse or nurse applicant even if they have never had any legal issues or complaints?

    I am just learning about this and it's shocking to me!
  2. by   wish_me_luck
    JS, yes, they have that right. I know you are in TN, so I don't know the laws in TN, but in VA, we have the Code of VA. The application asks about mental health hx and chemical dependence issues. The BON can deny someone a license because of it; I have an order because of my alcohol abuse and mental health issues (even though I am treated) and am in HPMP.

    It's hard seeing it online, but I understand why. I am just thankful they gave me a chance because I actually could have been denied a license because of those issues.
  3. by   BeOne77

    I am dealing with the same issues of powerlessness, feeling demeaned and utterly helpless because of the board and the situation that I am in. They have pretty much deemed me unfit because of a mental health issue and are asking me to show cause or accept a five year suspension. I feel like I have no choices, nowhere to turn to explain how I am feeling, the overwhelm and the feelings of powerlessness are terrible. I feel like I have no option but to accept the suspension and to go along with PHMP for 5 years. My husband says I am lucky I still have a license but I can't get rid of these feelings. Every time I look at the papers I get those feelings or realize the situation that I am in. And no one can help me feel better about it. I feel like ****. Like there' s no hope for me. Please if anyone has gone through this please pm me. I need some help and encouragement.


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