Formal Charges in Texas. freaking out

  1. So, I have had a disciplinary action against my license for almost 3 years now. It will be 3 years in June. I had warning with stips for a dirty UA. I admit I was wrong first off. At any rate, the board issued me the warning and the stipulations said I had to take 3 classes. The classes were very expensive and I couldn't get a job in nursing to save my life so I gave up. I decided not to take the classes and got a job outside of nursing. Then, last fall I decided I wanted to go back to nursing, it was time. So I called up the investigator and asked her what I should do. I explained I hadn't taken the classes and that I wasn't working in nursing. She said that I could pay a fine and still take the classes. She said it would be a process but that it was the only way to keep my license. She said she would "get the process started". Well that was almost a year ago. Today I got a notice of certified letter from the board. The letter won't be available for pick-up until the day after tomorrow :-( I'm freaking out wondering what it is. I called the board and asked them and they said they couldn't release info over the phone. So, I checked the BON website and it shows "formal charges" have been filed. Now I'm terrified at what it could be. I'm terrified it could be a result of another complaint. I wonder if any of you would know. Do you think it is likely just due to my failing to get those classes done and this is the "process" she was referring to? Any of your thoughts would help. :,-( Also, does anyone know where I can see the charges??
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  3. by   catmom1
    Maybe someone from your state has more specific ideas to offer you, but I am afraid you will have to suffer through the anxiety of not knowing until you sign for that mail piece. I hope it will comfort you to know that those of us who visit this forum and have faced terrible things with our nursing boards will be here to support you, whatever the outcome.

  4. by   Anxious Sally
    hi wenman81,
    how did this turn out for you? curious about the formal charges.... I'm also from Texas and have stipulations on my license.
  5. by   10yearnurse
    I explained the situation to the board and they gave me a warning and continued my stips. It took forever to find a job but I eventually did in ltac. I'm completing my contract this week. Look for jobs in rural places that are desperate.
  6. by   sallyrnrrt
    go to Tx BOX web site, in search window type in your nursing will see the charges , best wishes for you.....