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I have no history of drug use or dependency at all but am freaking out because I realized that I've been forgetting to waste meds in the Pyxis. I am a newer nurse (18 months) and have ALWAYS shown my coworkers that I'm wasting... Read More

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    I think you will be fine. Just come up with a plan in how to remember to Pyxis waste. Have a game plan!

    Best of luck!

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    Comments are true to a certain extent... Cont. you to do your job; however, if risk management catches wind of it, you can still be fired, and reported d/t suspicion of diversion. The BON doesn't consider what is, it's what it looks like. This means, people can divert(take meds) and sale it. You don't have to test positive for drugs to be reprimanded.

    I would tell you to talk to your manager. The best form of action. It happened to me a few yrs back, but I smoked marijuana; thus, I loss my license for a period of time. Sweetheart, just tighten up on documentation and you'll be fine.
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    This is the reason why I grab my waste person when I take it out.. No need to remember later to waste It's a habit our unit has gotten into and it works really well. Someone, although busy, is almost always near the pyxis..
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    Seriously if our pyxis didn't work like it did I would probably be in your situation. When we pull something controlled, pyxis asks us if we're giving the full dose. You can't go out if you don't select yes or no. If you mark no, the waste screen comes up then and there and you have to have your waste person sign it off. I work psych so usually its a half pill of a stimulant for one of the kiddos

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