Florida IPN and etG/etS screenings - page 2

Currently faced w presenting to the Fl BON for failure to complete an intensive inpt program. Without all the details, I sought help for an addictions problem voluntarily & spent several days in detox. On return to work, I was... Read More

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    I think it is 100 ng/mL to us; found something online, not 500. And yes, you can get a false positive because I came across product lists that explains the amounts of ethyl/ethanol in it and if enough is added up, then you can test positive. SP, it's in ng/mL not the same units as BAC (mg and it is in %). Also, pee tests pick up ethyl use, not ethanol specifically. I think blood is specific.

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    Good luck to you in your future. I scanned all the responses and don't think anyone mentioned hand gel. Yes you can inadvertantly inhale the fumes and then test positive. Yahoo has a big group that can be very informative.

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