Eligibility To Sit For The NCLEX

  1. A student of my husband's is currently enrolled in the prenursing program asked him a question today that he came home and asked me. All I could think of was to ask the PA BON. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought I'd better post a question here and ask.

    When he and some friends were sixteen, the were headed to a ball game at school and when the friend who was driving came to pick him up, he told this boy that his dad had a new car. They were pulled over because the friend had "borrowed" the car from its parking pace. When the troopers went through the car, they found empty and full beer bottles. All four kids were given breathalyzer tests and each one but the student had consumed alcohol.

    All were convicted of car theft and of underage drinking and each spent two years in a youth facility. The student's record was not sealed or expunged. This is his second semester and so far, he's has a 4.0 GPA.

    I think I already know the answer, but would his past prevent him from taking the NCLEX?
    My husband is the faculty member the students pour out their souls to.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   MichelleRN34
    I believe i would seek the advice of an attorney and see if those records can be sealed or expunged since he was a minor. Each BON handles criminal backgrounds differently. you could call the BON but not share personal information about who your husband is, but they may not have a definitive answer either... Usually most cases are done case by case. Good Luck.
  4. by   Callahan, RN
    Not sure if PA is similar to TX, but this is my suggestion.... he should probably go ahead and submit a declaratory order to the BON listing his conviction and disposition. Texas can take up to a year to decide if one is eligible to sit for NCLEX when they have a significant criminal history. This way, he can officially hear from the BON on his specific situation, rather than calling the BON and discussing a hypothetical situation with them. He should get this done ASAP so that time & money isn't wasted if the BON rejects him. Or, if the BON orders him into a monitoring program which is expensive and a hassle and can last for years..... he may not be willing to deal with that and decide to go a direction other than nursing. Also, the TXBON runs a FBI background check. Even sealed and expunged juvenile records will show.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    Thank you to both of you for your well thought out answers. I'll pass them along to my husband.