Does the rejection ever end?

  1. I had such a good interview a couple of weeks ago. the nurse manager really wanted to hire me and the DON also was on board. but, thanks to good ole HR did all they could till they finally kept me from getting the job. the unit manager I interviewed with was awesome and so warm and understanding. she really did try to help me get hired. for 2 weeks she battled it out with HR till finally, the battle was lost..... she called today to inform me that because I had not worked as a nurse in the last 5 yrs, and that I had only been in IPN for 7 months and that I had waited so long to self report my arrests back in 2008 and beyond that, they felt they could not be comfortable hiring me. I went into substance abuse counceling in feb 2010 to the present, so there is a paper trail of my sobriety for nearly 4 yrs. still not good enough. DOES ANYONE REALLY TRY AND GIVE US A CHANCE? IS MY NURSING CAREER SO DAMAGED FROM MY PAST THAT THERE IS NO OVERCOMING IT? I don't think I can handle another rejection. I really want to say **** this...... my <3 is broken.... I really thought I had this one..... Please God, why do other's get 2nd chances and I don't....? I HATE MY LIFE.... WHY WAS I SO STUPID TO GET THESE DUI'S???????? sorry for the rant. this is the only place where other's can sympathize.... :/
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  3. by   catmom1
    You are writing words straight from my heart. My license has been "free and clear" and "unencumbered" since Oct 2012, but my history of discipline is keeping me from working as a nurse. And I had NINE YEARS clean and sober on Dec 8th of this year!

  4. by   Junebug59
    HI CATMOM1~ when you say discipline, are you referring to arrests and or/ monitoring contract? I wish I could talk to someone who has experience with the criminal background aspect of this. most nurses I come in contact with have no arrests on their records. they were either caught diverting, dirty pee test and or self reported for diversion and or substance abuse issues. has anyone out there in ALLNURSES.COM land ever get employed with a criminal background? not just one dui or one occurance but multiple arrests. I have 7 different arrests. all misdemeanors. 2 of these were nolle prosqui.

    no matter what I do to try and repair the damage I did to my nursing career, nothing is good enough....... I may as well quit while i'm ahead and not spend any more money on this crap. it's not going to happen for me...... especially in the economy.

    does anyone have any advice on a new career change or any advice at all? thanks again y'all for letting me vent....
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    OH, AND CONGRATS, CATMOM1 ON THE NINE YEARS SOBRIETY!!!! WAY TO GO!! I guess we just have to keep on keeping on.....
  6. by   Twoyearnurse
    I don't know yet it the criminal aspect is coming for me or not. I do know that the job I've been working now has done wonders for me, only because I am working with my hands. Since this job I have realized I'll be happy anywhere I work. Long story short I started looking into the skill trades, most pay more than nursing actually, and each union I've spoken with has no adverse reaction (ha!) to criminal background or past drug/alcohol issues. It's a huge change, but as nurses we love to learn new skills anyways right? So while I will pursue my nursing career further it's been a very awakening experience looking at areas outside of nursing where I'd be happy.
  7. by   catmom1
    Quote from virgojd
    HI CATMOM1~ when you say discipline, are you referring to arrests and or/ monitoring contract? .
    Hi virgojd-

    I was lucky in the sense that I had no criminal charges for my wrongdoing but my license will forever be "marked."

    My understanding is that a felony conviction almost always keeps nurses from getting jobs. I say "almost always" because I interviewed for a job once with an RN who was convicted of felony meth possession with intent to distribute. The only reason I know this is that I always look up the license of anyone with whom I interview.

    This convicted RN actually got a nurse manager job at a charity run rehab and detox facility while her license was on probation. She even had the nerve to write the BON from prison to complain about their process for disciplining her license!

    Why can't I find an employer who will give me a chance?