Does anyone else feel violated? - page 3

Per the rules of my contract I have to attend AA or NA at least 3 times weekly for the duration of my contract. I am struggling with the meetings, let alone the others in attendance there. I am not... Read More

  1. by   jwmwinter
    I believe that your anger is justified. It all has to do with the stages of grief. Anger is an important part of your recovery.....a motivator. It's a true emotion that you are allowed to feel regardless of the cause. I encourage you to voice your concerns on this thread. Your anger will dissipate and you'll feel better about your situation. It just takes time. Soon you will forgive yourself and feel a weight lift off your shoulders. But for now, hold onto those feelings and use them to your advantage. One thing you should always remember, this is YOUR recovery. No one can tell you how to lead it but yourself. One last thing, the humiliation and feeling of being violated will dissolve. Always be honest with yourself and you'll do just fine. I wish you only the best.

    I've always believed that its not what you say, it's how you say it. So, our comments to other recovering nurses should be helpful and know who you are.
  2. by   HunnieBadger
    Winter, thank you. Not only for understanding but the advice as well, thank you.