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  1. Hey ya'll,I was just wondering about caduceus groups. I found listings in other cities,but none in my area. I am going to try to find some info on how to get one started. So, basically I'm putting feelers out to see if anyone else would be interested in going...I live in the ft.lauderdale/boca area,let me know!

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  3. by   MizChelleRN
    I'm curious since I don't know what a caduceus group is? I'm sure I'll go google it when I have a minute, but I'm sure I'll be back here soon.
  4. by   sheilagh
    Caduceus group is a recovery group for healthcare professionals. Really doesn't matter what your addiction,it is a place where those with our work environments can come together and share.
    Be careful what you say in them. Someone I know was turned in and the leader of the group called the BON and the police (no kidding) when they came in for advice (what rehab to go to, how to get help). My friend was referred by a counselor (big mistake). They're not regulated by anyone and are considered informal. Just be careful and share what you must in a real 12step mtg and play the caduceus game if you must but don't disclose too much.

    I disbelieved this until I saw the BON minutes on black and white quoting ms caduceus everything they said in the meeting and that they called BON and police. This person also showed me "what you hear here, what you say here, let it stay here" paper. When confronted (once out of rehab and jail) the rationale was that ms caduceus felt she had a legal obligation to the BON to report someone who's not clean.

    If it were me, I'd stick to community meetings and steer clear of those who are "required" or feel they are required to report you if you're not running a perfect program.

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  6. by   jackstem
    Most of the caduceus groups I've been involved with are run fairly "loose". Most don't run like a 12 Step meeting, and most don't even try to fake being 12 Step oriented. I liked the ones I've been involved with, but as has been previously noted, it can be a little frustrating at times because they can easily turn into a ****** session.

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  7. by   michigooseBSN
    When my state (Mass) BON gave me my contract (for diverting 17 1/5 years ago) one of the requirements was to go to a recovering nurses' support group. I found a Cadeusus meeting in Cambridge and started attending regularly. I was very unhappy with that group because the bulk of the meeting was consumed with complaining about the "unfairness" of the BON and employers. I stress that that was over 17 years ago and it might be very different now but at the time it seemed to be a very sick meeting. So I found a different meeting held for recovering nurses at the AdCare Hospital in Worcester. That was farther to go but much more relevant to my recovery. So by all means try a Cadeusus group but if it doesn't feel right to you, look farther.
  8. by   sheilagh
    I hadn't realized how much different these groups can be.
    I assumed it was a 12 step for healthcare professionals only,same
    as women only meetings.
    Thank you to all who posted,I will proceed carefully

    Sheilagh-taking one day at a time
    cops and robbers meetings (I affectionately call them) are far better (go to AA meetings and you'll eventually know someone who knows someone who knows a cop or fireman that attends their private meetings). There you hear cops and their stories and nurses fit in better with those groups since cops and nurses alike have something to lose. Lawyers like these meetings, as well since the Lawyer meetings are, well, lawyerlike! Caduceus meetings can get out of hand and confidentiality is LOOSE and I find the bulk of the groups to be immature compared to an old timers aa.

    You may find an ok one in your area but it seems Caduceus is like herding cats and sooner or later the big cats are sizing up the small one's and stuff is bound to happen and it does. Also you'll see monitors in there with their subjects sent by particular boards so who you see there, what you hear there very well may not stay there.

    If you must go, chit chat about booze alone, don't minimize and keep it brief. It may be your career at stake.