CA first DUI

  1. hello all, i am saddened to create this thread but wanted more insights on first dui i got a 0.14, wondering what the whole process is like and who has gone through it thanks
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  3. by   lfarleyfisher
    So sorry that happened to you. I would suggest start going to AA, create a sign in sheet for yourself, your lawyer and the judge. Most Nursing Boards require 90 meeting in 90 days, get a sponsor, someone who has some long-term sobriety, my sponsor has 36 years. The best thing I did was self-report to the Texas Nursing Board, are you in a different state? There should be a place on your State Board's website to complete a Self-Report.
    You could call them too. Find an Outpatient Rehab, if you can start going. The more you do to sink yourself into recovery, the better your outcome could be. Best Wishes