asked for help and got fired

  1. I am an RN. Last month following a lenghty and somewhat personal conversation I told my supervisor I thought I might have addiction issues. I assumed as a registered nurse going to my supervisor I would be offered assistance or at least some form of guidance. INSTEAD last week some hospital higher ups came to my office, the HR rep told me that "On or around....u reported suffering from addiction" so we are going to suspended without pay pending drug test results. I responded and when they come back positive... the RN/VP says and then we'll get you help. I didn't refuse the test or quit my job like I could have done and basically screwed myself. Its been almost a week, not only have I still not gotten any help but instead today got a call from HR stating my drug screen was positive so I was being terminated. Had I not made that statement I never would have even been suspected of using drugs. Two months ago I was a med surg floor supervisor, last month I was offered a position in admin and given a raise. Now unemployed and waiting for i don't even know what!!
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  3. by   sissykim
    Wow....So sorry for the changes of events. How long were you at this company.
  4. by   cantgetrite
    I was there for three years
  5. by   AimeepawsRN
    It used to be that nurses who turned themselves in would receive more support from their employers and I am finding that is not so lately. Kudos to you for doing so!! I wish you alot of luck on your journey
  6. by   caliotter3
    This is typical employer behavior in many cases of late, no wonder that people in your situation should also be treated in this manner. Treating employees as throw-aways is not what we would want for ourselves or others, but something to be on guard for, especially when one is at less than 100%. Best wishes in your difficult journey.
  7. by   rn/writer
    it's better to go to your eap (employee assistance program) as they sometimes have the ability to help the employee find treatment before everything explodes.

    i know that doesn't help you a whole lot, but if anyone else is grappling with any kind of addiction, an eap is the place to start.

    since you were self-reported, you might have some protection under the americans with disabilities act. your addiction could be considered an illness.

    i'm so sorry you're going through this after trying to do the responsible thing.
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  8. by   TDCHIM
    Is it possible that the person from HR called without knowing that higher-ups had arranged for you to get help? Can you try appealing to the people who came to your office and verbally stated you would be treated. citing the promise made by the RN/VP? It probably won't work, but it might be worth a shot. Speaking to an employment attorney might not be a bad idea.

    For the little it's worth, I'm really sorry you're having to deal with this after trying to be honorable and responsible about your addiction.
  9. by   sissykim
    Protect ur financial investments. Find a job ASAP before the board gets ahold of this situation. Be honest so u won't lose that job as well. I wish I would have rented out my home before forclosure. Invest in an attorney. Down size. This economy is crule and nurses are more cruel to each other in our situation. Get help for ur addiction now. You need a clear head to navigate this maze.
  10. by   bezany
    if you are working in a "drug free workplace" you have protections if you reported rather than being "caught", so i would suggest you lawyer up. The drug free workplace designation would be on signs in your facility probably in HR and it would be in any employment contract you may have.
  11. by   jackstem
    Contact a license defense attorney with experience in dealing with the issue of chemical dependence. This isn't something you should be trying to handle alone.

    The American Association of Nurse Attorneys
    can assist you in finding an attorney.