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OK, hope I'm doing this right. Now that I have some clean time, I am considering getting my nursing license back. I have no idea how to go about this. I "failed" IPN (FL) in 2002, :dance:-that was... Read More

  1. by   Devildog
    To BigsurKay,
    Sorry you have these problems. You really should obtain the services of an administrative lawyer if you have the money . If you can access prior BON meeting see if there are any names of lawyers that constantly are defending nurses.
    Talk to the lawyer about surrendering your license. I would not offer this unless this was not your first time with problem. You will do much better to have them suspend your license for a fix amount of time and then you reapply for reinstatement. Surrendering says something totally different. Be careful.
    This is your BIG problem. The BON can/will report you to the HHS office of Inspector General(OIG). Look it up on the internet. This is a total NIGHTMARE FOR YOU. The minimum time they will exclude you from work is 5 years. This means you can do nothing anywhere in healthcare. You canot work in Househeeping in a hospital, nursing home,nada,nothing.
    This is a draconian law and most people have no idea that it even exists. The process to be removed is a pain as I have described above. Maybe a good lawyer can negociate that your name is not be submitted to the OIG. I am not sure if it is mandatory for a state BON to submit your name to the OIG, but you certainly do not want this. I have found that state boards are normally reasonable but this exclusion list has no flexibility. You just receive a letter in the mail saying,"you are excluded for so many years".
    Hopefully California has a program for healthcare professionals to attend meetings,drop urines and you can continue working as a nurse. Florida does and it works well.

    Good luck and let everyone know what your outcome was.
  2. by   subee
    BigSurKay: There are SOOOOOO many people on this website who are in ugly predicaments because they DIDN't hire a lawyer. Look for Jackstem"s posts...he became a lawyer after addiction as RN. His posts will refer you to lawyers expert in this area. California's program is understaffed and punitive. DO NOT GO WITHOUT A LAWYER!!!!! You can lose your livlihood for this lack of detail. I'm assuming that you did not divert the drugs from your employer. Big plus for you. You didn't fail a drug screen at work. More good news for you.
    You want to be able to walk away from this with no permenent ding on your license. It can be done if you're smart about it.
  3. by   jackstem
    Thanks for the plug subee. One correction...I'm not an attorney...haven't even played one on TV (I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express though). I do work with a license defense attorney when she has clients with Substance Use Disorder issues.

    One of the things I tell nurses and student nurses whenever I speak to a group is to buy your own liability insurance with a license defense clause. That way you have coverage should the defecation hits the ventilation. The cost of an attorney when compared to lost wages because you screwed up is small. Boards of nursing aren't there to hekp the nurse, they are there to protect the public.

    There are those who believe an attorney isn't worth the time or money. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm not sure I want to take my chances in an adversarial system without someone who knows the rules of the game.

  4. by   BigSurKay
    Hi All,

    First, thanks for the comforting words and encouragement.

    Second, what is the difference between suspension of your license and surrender? Is surrender more permanent?

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  5. by   jackstem
    Sent you a private message with some information you might find useful.

    Keep us posted!

  6. by   petemc67
    I lost my KY license back in 2003 r/t a substance abuse issue. It was horrible and I languished for years even after I was clean. Finally I found the courage to call the board and find out if there was a path to being an RN again. You know what they said? They said, "What took you so long? We've been waiting for you". Just make the call. First thing you will need is a copy of the order that revoked or suspended your license. This order will have your path back laid out. It won't be easy. It may take over a year but what the year you could be back in your vocation instead of wishing you were back in your vocation. List out EXACTLY what is required that you do. Contact the investigator that is in charge of your case. They are the people who yanked your license and they are your best friend when you want it back. You will most likely need to submit to urine screens, chemical dependancy evaluations, pay fines, ect. all of this. I am currently re-applying for my license. I never could have done it without making that call, talking with my investigator and buckling down and getting it done. Good Luck!
  7. by   TXRN2
    petemc67- Yay for you!!! you've gotten the process started!! the journey ahead won't be easy- but it is doable!! keep us posted- good luck & God bless!!
  8. by   thebunkis
    Good luck to you! I surrendered my license in 2006 after a hot drug screen for alcohol while in the recovering nurse program. The BON told me to do 90 days of treatment or surrender my license.

    I would suggest evaluating what is important to you. Basically you have to put yourself on probation for a year before you can even petition the BON for a hearing (in Mississippi). The thought of jumping through hoops coupled with the stress of the profession forced me to seek out another degree that I was truly passionate about. I am now a licensed Landscape Architect with my own office that has 16 employees - much less stress and a significantly larger salary.

    Follow your heart. It's that easy.
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  9. by   Left4good 49
    i have been an rn for 22 years now and landed myself in ipn 2 years ago. i have hated this profession for about 7 years now and yesterday requested a voluntary relinquish form from the board and then called ipn and said i'm done!!!!!, haven't been this happy in years, never ever going back. it kind of feels like i've been in prison for 22 years and was just released. good luck to all who still put up with this horrible profession, just my opinion.
  10. by   liamsmom07
    I contemplated trying to get my license back twice before, but the fear and anxiety kept me from it. Now I've go 6 years clean and sober, my life is on track and I think the time is right. My question to you is, what did you mean that the order of surrender would have my path laid out? I have contacted the CT BON and they emailed me the steps I need to take, but would the original order have more in it?
  11. by   Devildog
    To liamsmom,
    Please try to retrieve the original order. To trust someone at a BON could be hurtful to you since each case could be different. You need to start now, because they will make you jump thru hoops. So knowing exactly what you will face is critical. You will probably placed into a program with Psychiatrist visits, urine drops, weekly meetings etc. All of this takes time and costs MONEY. Most contracts are Five(5) years here in Florida, this means that once you are in and hopefully working then you are in for FIVE(5) years. Do you even know if you are on the OIG exclusion list? If you are then you have bigger problems. Plow forward, start going to AA meetings, get a sponsor that will help you when you need it and if possible volunteering may help, it did for me.
    Keep in touch and good luck
  12. by   gr8fulnrs
    I concur with liamsmom. Get started, plow through. I had to do all that she mentioned in her post. It took me approx 5 years. But i did it. Jump in with both feet planted in your recovery and your higher power and go baby go!!! You got this!!! You can DO IT!!! I am now working as as LPN with full privileges to practice, going back to school for the LPN to RN bridge program. I wake up every morning and have to pinch myself - living the dream, got everything back that was promised to me according to God's grace!
  13. by   debsinark2
    I am soooo glad I found this website...It gives me hope...because I had just decided to give up...Here's my story...
    I was an LPN from 1976 until 2001, when I surrended my license to the board while in a treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction...
    I decided at the time that nursing was a "trigger" for me to drink and I elected not to go thru the steps to get my license back...
    From 2001 until 2005, I helped my husband run our 4 businesses we owned and never looked back at nursing...
    I relapsed in 2005, after a ugly divorce...but I have been clean and sober since..
    I then worked for 7 years in retail management in Texas...
    January of 2012, my Mother became ill and I had to move back to my home state of Ark. to help in her care...
    Small town, I applied at the local hospital as a billing clerk in the business office and after a drug test and a "background check", I was hired...
    It was a great job for me that I was good at...
    8 months later, my supervisor, the director, and myself was summoned into a meeting in the administration office...
    It seems that I was on the OIG exclusion list...and had to be terminated immediately...I had never heard of this list at all...was never notified...
    My director, supervisor, and the administrator all went "to bat" for me...but HR said I had to go..and I could be hired back immediately if I could find a way to get off this list...HR also said that I should have never been hired in the first place, but due to a computer error, it was never known that I was on the "list"...The hospital checks the list every 30 days for new victims...and it took 7 months for my name to show up????
    I spent the day on the phone with the board of nursing, and an OIG official in Dallas,,,who couldnt help me and directed me to a woman in Washington DC...
    This woman told me the ONLY was to get off the list is to get my license back...I explained to her that I couldnt afford that "trigger" in my recovery, but she was the ONLY way...
    Any suggestions????
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