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OK, hope I'm doing this right. Now that I have some clean time, I am considering getting my nursing license back. I have no idea how to go about this. I "failed" IPN (FL) in 2002, :dance:-that was... Read More

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    I checked that out and it does seem like a good idea, I do see MDS ads frequently--although here in Fl they seem to want RNs, I don't know if that is a requirement or not. I am an RN and I have thought about this a lot, however, this course seems like it is specific to Texas. Anyone know if it is good throughout the US?

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    The answer is yes, you can get your license reinstated because i am smack in the middle of getting it back(nj) and you should get in touch with the bon and find out who they use for monitoring programs to assist with all the legalities and procedures in obtaining your license!! I belong to the Professional Assistance Program of NJ aka PAP! Was originally meant for Doctors only but because NJ's new program called RAMP was having some serious legal issues that PAP opened up to the Nursing Profession which huge help!! I go twice a week for random drug screening and have monthly evaluations also must attend at least three aa/na mtgs weekly with signatures and have a sponsor. If you have gone to rehab/detox and see/seen counselors, program should have records of these and the one thing I did not think of and PAP had me start doing was those dreaded CEU's which will show the BON that you are serious and really want to get back into the field so I have been online taking tests!! For those of you out of work like myself, there are plenty of institutions that offer free courses so if I were you, I would start ASAP!!! It is a five year contract with monthly dues as always but they know money is tight and work with you!! Also as far as the screens go, if you have medical insurance, labs are covered, I do not have insurance and my screens are 60 dollars each which also work with you in that regards!!! I have made much progress since joining them a year ago come this September!! I made the mistake of letting it go on the back burner and have had my license surrendered since Oct of 2004 and would have had it back by now but people make mistakes, right? Had many family and financial issues that the one thing I worked my butt off for got pushed back but now I am ready and been clean/sober for over five years thanks to my doctors and family!! I wish you all the luck and it you have any questions, just reply and get back to you!!!!

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    Quote from mikebakey
    I belong to the Professional Assistance Program of NJ aka PAP! Was originally meant for Doctors only but because NJ's new program called RAMP was having some serious legal issues that PAP opened up to the Nursing Profession which huge help!!
    Hi Mike! I am very interested in your experience with PAPNJ, and also those "legal issues" with RAMP?
    PM me with your email if you don't want to post publicly...
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    Im an LPN or was anyway my license was suspended in jan 2010 for not complying with the Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP). I was signed on with a 3 year monitoring agreement and had 6 months left to go when i started a new job and was working there for 2-3 months my fingerprint results came back that i had a felony on my record so they had to let me go so i didnt have the money to pay for the program so they reported me to the BON and my license was suspended. It was a incorrect backround check that screwed me the DCH said since i had this on my record i could never work in LTC again (permanant exclusion). I got in trouble back in 2005 for possesion of a controlled substance it was my first time in trouble with the law so I received a 7411(defferred sentence) as long as i go thru drug court and probation which i did without any problems so therefore was never convicted of that crime. I worked after i got in trouble in LTC without my backround check being incorrect for 2 years then i quit that job and went to another nursing home and my backround check came up incorrect (i havent got in trouble since then) so i talked to many atty"s and found a legal aide atty that cleared my record it took like a year and it was a consolidated case (other people in my same shoes that could not work in LTC even with a 7411). Come to find out it was the MIchigan State police that never informed the fbi of my deffered sentence so my arrest record kept coming up with myfingerprints . Now my record is finally right and now left with another 3 years of hprp and a suspended license. My next plan is talking to a aaty for getting my license reinstated and hopefully time taken off of monitoring agreement since i only had 6 months to go. Ill let you guys know how long i get if it is another 3 years then ill know their not out to help anyone but themselves bc i didnt relapse i was kicked out for not having the money to pay for it. not having money does not mean that you relapsed.
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    Very encouraging Thanks!
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    I tested positive for serax, aka oxazapam. i was taking Zoloft at the time which is shown to test positive for serax, HPRP said if its pos again they will close my case and report me to the bureau of healthcare professionals, the addictionist changed my meds to celexa because i didnt want to test pos again, and he changed them. Why would he change meds if he thought I was taking serax, its terrible, I tested oct 4th i started taking celexa that day. This is terrible!
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    WOW, How does Zoloft test + for serax?
    Does anyone know?

    I am on a fairly high dose of Zoloft...for about 6 is the ONLY thing I take. So far no problems. Been tested every month--still clean...and it should be--after what I have been through.

    Any info would be appreciated, if a credible problem I will change meds, although I've tried All of the SSRI's and Zoloft works the best for me.

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    i had my lpn license revoked! what am i gonna do now?
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    have any one had legal issues in texas?
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    Hi! I came across this website and am hoping that someone can give me some insight and opinions. I was given a "sentence" of probation for 3 years in MO six years ago for diversion, which I fully admitted to, it was actually a God Send that I did, my life is totally different now, I have been drug free since the incident in 2003. I immediately stopped practicing and went through an addiction the time, I was living in another state, which is where I was temporarily licensed to work, waiting on perm, which is why MO ended up doing the discipline case. Any who, After it taking MO over a year to review and make their decisions, I was a rock bottom and had zero funds to adhere to their insane requirements of weekly UA's, ongoing psych evals, etc, as I said before, I did all of this already initially, but MO counted NONE of it..I guess because it was done before I was officially charged. SO, I decided to surrender my license. I moved to another state with my family and simply haven't worked or tried to work in the field since. When I surrendered, the MO Atty Gen, said I could reapply for my license in five years, which is what my contract said for probation, either I can do their three year stips, or surrender and reapply in five years. My question is, I want to reapply, but I'm not sure how to answer the questions on the examination (have to retake boards because it's been so many years, which is no problem), they ask if I've been disciplined in the past five years, and I haven't, but I was before that. I'm wondering will they reinstate me after I take my boards since I waited out the time and didn't do their probation, or will they require I do the probationary terms as before? I surrendered because I couldn't afford to do them in the first place...I am hoping I can reapply free and clear since I waited out my time. Any or info is greatly appreciated.
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