Any nurses in recovery in Austin /San Antonio texas area

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    Looking for any nurses in Austin or San Antonio area. I am struggling with finding peers for support. I am in tpapn, almost 6 months sober. Would love to be able to talk with someone in the nursing profession. I often feel disconnected in AA meetings as a nurse. This forum is great but I also need to be able to talk to a live person. Thanks for your support.
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    Congratulations on your continuing recovery!

    Have you tried looking for Caduceus meetings? Those are recovery meetings geared towards healthcare providers: nurses, doctors, etc.
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    I'm not in Texas, so I can't help you there, but I hope you find others you can connect with. It's interesting that states have different requirements. I am required to meet weekly with others in my area. Everyone in the program must attend one peer meeting a week. I only know of four meetings in my area and two of them are full, containing a maximum of 12. My group is the smallest with just five of us. It should be mentioned that these meetings are held at a drug-counseling office and are led by a drug-counselor who has been through the program herself. They like to tell us that these meetings are strictly confidential and are simply to support one another through the process. However I have been told by a couple of nurses who have graduated from the program to NOT think of it as a support group, but more like a monitoring group. They insist that there is ongoing communication about our individual progress with the regional rep for the state BoN. So I just go on the assumption that what is shared in those meetings is not necessarily confidential.

    Additionally, I can identify with the comment about feeling disconnected in AA meetings. The focus of AA is totally on recovery from alcoholism and while the steps are relevant to drug use, as well, there is not always a feeling of open-armed acceptance that they have for fellow alcoholics. I didn't even know that there were meetings that focus on healthcare providers. I'll have to check that out. I like my home-group and feel well-accepted there, but when I attend other groups I sometimes get a weird vibe, that even though it is an open meeting and some members have both drug and alcohol issues, they would prefer an addict find an NA group.
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    I have not been able to find any health provider meetings such as caduceus here in Austin. I really wish there was. I am also looking for another sponsor. If there are any nurses out there here in central texas, I really could use a friend. Thanks for responding.
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    Sober...I have been a long time lurker here but have never responded to a post...until now. Your post really struck a nerve with me. I could have written it myself a year and a half ago. I have been where you are (actually still am) and I am all too familiar with the feelings of loneliness, isolation and rejection that comes with TPAPN participation. I would be more than happy to offer information and support. I am in the Austin area. PM me if you want
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    @worriedRN. Thanks for responding. I can not PM yet as I am new to forum. You can PM me though with info and then I could contact you privately. Hope that works for you.
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    Sober...I have to figure out the PM part but I'll be in touch. Keep your chin up, it gets better and you are most certainly not alone!
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    Thanks worriedRN, I think we have to have 14 postings to get PM privileges. I am trying to get there as you stated you have not responded to a post before, I am closer to that requirement at this point.
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    Sad to say, but out of curiosity I Googled Caduceus, Austin. It showed a profile of a physician, and told the world that not only does he attend Caduceus/AA meetings, it also reported his complaint received at the state level, the fact that his license was suspended until he receives substance abuse treatment, and other information. If you are a nurse undergoing such 'private and unreportable' disciplinary alternative actions, I want to inform you of the reality.
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    Mlblur,Thanks for the warning. I just googled caduceus and Austin and did not see anything about any physicians. Just company names that share the name caduceus. So I am wondering how you found that. That's scary

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