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Hi everyone, I will be starting an ADN program next week and was SOOOO worried that my methadone maintenance status was going to be a problem. I haven't heard anything at all from the program and... Read More

  1. by   stargazer88
    On the application for the nclex (at least in my state) it asks you to list anything within the last 10 years. Anything more distant you are not required to disclose. Why should a person have to pay the price forever for something that is no longer relevant? If you disclose it on your application, you will have to deal with a mark on your record forever. If you stay sober, there is no reaon your past should ever have to come up. I have read other postings on AN about this. One nurse disclosed to the board because she felt she'd be lying otherwise. Well, she had to start her nursing career with a restricted license, and jump through all the other hoops required by the board. And all for no reason. She had been sober many years. From what I remember reading, it's her biggest regret. Why make trouble when there is none?
  2. by   stargazer88
    Just wondering, why does one have to stay on methadone for so long?
    i have a girlfriend with the same scenario ,( going from methadone to sub and wants to wean off that way..i think it will be better then tapering just off the methadone itself?? i heard that is very bad..
  4. by   kimbilina
    Right on sister! So far I thought no one here had a brain on ethics , lol you go. Only answer derserving of all stars You all must be in the bushes or something maybe down a dark alley. Lots of people are on methadone and suboxone some are my friends. Guess what they are nurses too! Do you think they tell anyone they are taking it? no way !!!!!!!!!!!! Get smart Use HIPPA
  5. by   SuzieVN
    Quote from stargazer88
    Just wondering, why does one have to stay on methadone for so long?
    Good observation. If you're indigent, the feds pay for it. If not, it's a sweet chunk of change for self pay. In theory, the goal is a continual decrease in dose, until you're 'healed'. In reality- I know one guy that has been on it 10 years.
  6. by   iwanna
    I never heard of "fit for duty". What a croc!!!! Why is that not a HIPPA? If the dr. states that it does not impair you than that should be sufficient.

    I am not an addict, but I have a daughter in recovery. She was in methadone treatment for years. She kept trying to wean. The withdrawal lasts really long from methadone. I think that suboxone is slightly shorter withdrawal. She weaned over to suboxone a few years ago. Then, she relapsed and told me that suboxone did not work for her. She told me that she needed the structure of daily dosing at clinic.

    She got a DUI, after pulling out of parking lot of clinic. Cop was watching her and followed her. She was guilty of speeding. Anyways, she admitted to dosing at the clinic. Took her to hospital for lab draws. She was only positive for methadone, but was still charged with DUI.

    My daughter was involuntarily detoxed while being in jail just two months ago. She was cited for driving while license was suspended. She was given a sentence of 60 days house arrest with work release. Unfortunately, she could not refrain from the pot. When she went to report for house arrest, she was positive for THC. She did not stop to think they may drug test her. Silly girl!

    The blessing in disguise was that she was sentenced to do her time in jail until she tested clean. It took 30 days. During that time she went through awful withdrawal. I am proud of her for making decision to not to return to the clinic, once released from jail. She served the rest of time on house arrest. She said that she never wants to go through the hell of methadone withdrawal again.

    That is why people remain on it for so long. They can not live a functional, productive life without it. People need to work, and can't go through withdrawal and function. Methadone withdrawal lasts a long time. The long half life makes it hell to get off the drug.

    I always wondered why people were on it for years, too.

    I just found out that my son is an IV heroin addict. My daughter is in recovery, and my son is a heroin addict. My ex was an opiate addict. Actually, a heroin IV addict, too. He had liver cancer. He had a liver transplant and is doing okay for the liver. It breaks my heart that my son is following his dad's footsteps. Drug addiction is bad enough, but IV use is just adding a whole new list of complications.

    Kudos to all of you in recovery!!!

    And, FWIW, I don't think methadone impairs a person. It helps people live a functional life. OTOH, it is hard on the body, as any drug is. And, it is hell to get off of it.
  7. by   xoemmylouox
    In OB we have has several mothers on methadone. Many started it years ago with their first pregnancy. So many are still taking it by their 3rd or 4th. I have never taken it, but I have been told the withdrawal is horrible. I'm amazed that we have not found a less addictive medication to assist those who want to become clean.
  8. by   Thenurse27
    I posted on here a few years ago about this topic. My license was reinstated in NJ while I was on Methadone. The jobs I applied for never specifically tested for Methadone so I kept it to myself. I recently moved to Delaware and reported my Methadone maintenance to the board and there were No issues. I received an unrestricted licence as I had in NJ. I still don't feel that I need to disclose to an employer since the board is aware.
  9. by   elprup
    It is my understanding that employers must specifically test for methadone. It is not usually tested for in employer drug screens.
  10. by   carrimarie1010
    I am in AR and the BON specifically states no nurse can work in this state while on methadone. Start with your BON. I wouldn't disclose your name to them for various reasons.
  11. by   iwanna
    Unfortunately, my daughter is returning to methadone clinic. She tried to do without it. She was extremely fatigued and had boy aches. I don't know, if it was long term withdrawal or effects of Seroquel that she is taking.

    She lost her job. And, has started taking opiates again to get energy to things done. I did not want her to return to methadone. I did agree with Adderall, as she does have documented ADD. Unfortunately, the dr. started her at a low dose, so she still went out to get opiates. I feel like she is going backwards. She is returning to clinic without my blessing. But, that is her decision. I just told her that I am not going out of my way to give her rides early in the morning. She should have had take home privileges at the clinic before.. she had them a few times. She always made excuses why she lost take homes. I knew the truth was that she was positive for THC.

    I was so proud of her for her deciding not to go back to clinic after she was out of jail. But, if that is what she has to do, then so be it. I just feel bad because whenever she goes to ER or somewhere and has to state her meds, they really treat her with such rudeness. People can be quite judgmental.

    She would like to take CNA classes, but Idk, if she should check into state BON for that. I wonder if she would be allowed to work as CNA while being on methadone. PA in itself is not a methadone friendly state.
  12. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from iwanna
    She would like to take CNA classes, but Idk, if she should check into state BON for that. I wonder if she would be allowed to work as CNA while being on methadone. PA in itself is not a methadone friendly state.
    She should definitely check with the BON (do it anonymously by e-mail) to see if the methadone will be an impediment to getting CNA certification. Or she can look for jobs that don't require CNA certification.

    Unfortunately, even if the PA BON is OK with it, employers may not be. Methadone (like suboxone) is one of those drugs that employers don't like seeing in a UDS or in an employee's medical history, even though it is legal.
  13. by   somany?s
    I am a CNA in PA.. On Methadone and was never tested for drugs. I also did not disclose such info. I also have a criminal record from 8 years ago. That is what I had an issue with when it came to getting hired. I had a good work history and references but as soon as the crim background check came thru I wouldn't hear back. I am now waiting for the PA BON to get back to me about being on Methadone and taking the PN NCLEX. Of course the school wants my money and will tell me anything to get me to go there. I took advice and went straight to the BON. I can't wait for an answer and will keep you updated.