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    Im going to be starting my aftercare therapy at the end of January. Does anybody know what this entails?? Also getting ready to start NA meetings next week, does anybody have any feedback on this? I'm just really nervous about it all. I'm so happy I found this forum it really helps to know I'm not alone in my recovery.

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    Hi GA RN i tried to private message you but it says your messages are full....Hope your doing well..
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    Hey Michelle. I'm doing well. I don't know why it said that it's not full. I'll ck it again. Hope all is good on your end
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    Hi GA_RN,

    Don't be scared about starting your NA meetings. I know easier said then done. I was terrified to walk into my first meeting. Mainly fearful of seeing a pt I took care of in the ER. But it was all good. You don't have to talk in the meeting. But I would strongly recommend that you introduce yourself if they ask if there are any newcombers and take a phone list. Never know when you might need it.

    For me personally, the only thing I could blurt out was, "hi, I am Torsades, I am an addict and I just got out of rehab and I am scared". I had people reaching out to me left and right in the AA/NA rooms.

    So, take a deep breath, walk in, and let the miracle happen. I will say a little prayer for ya today. You will be ok.
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    Torsades,Thank you for your info & kind words. It means a lot to know I'm not alone in this journey.
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    Aftercare is pretty much the same thing that your doing, well at least for my group. We talk discuss our recovery and life issues on a weekly basis. I just complete after care this week and I have 4 more. Also, I have gain so many friends in the rooms of NA. More than anything I have found myself. We focus on the differences when we first walk-in but if you give it a honest try you'll see a change in your perception and your demeanor. It's suggested that we make 3 mtgs a week, well I go 4-5 times. "Everything is subjected to revision, even the truth."
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    Excuse the errors. I'm typing from my phone
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    Thanks Austin for you help. If you don't mind me asking how long did you have to do your aftercare? Also what state are you in? I was in NC but have since moved to another state.
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    I'm in NC now. My aftercare was a year. I want to move to PA so bad but I heard horror stories such as restarting restrictions
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    Thanks Austin for your reply. Did you have displinary actions against you in NC? I'm going to sen you a PM if you don't care.

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