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Just wanted to know how often you get selected for testing. I am really short on money and need to budget an amount for these random drug screens. Any info would be greatly appreciated!... Read More

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    In order to find out what tests are done under each option you first determine the lab doing them. I believe that all of firstlab participants send their specimens to LabCorp. Just look at your pre-paid lab form, it will be printed at the top (the lab name and address where the sample is sent. Then, next to each test option there is a number (six digit number if labcorp).

    Option 1 might be 764875 for example.

    If you have Labcorp, go to the shortcut URL below (takes you to a labcorp page) and enter the 6 digit number into the search:


    The specific test done will be described. If you have another lab, go to their website and look for their test menu and do the same.

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    Option 7 is EtG, option 1 is 12 drugs and ethanol. FirstLab and LabCorp can both kiss my ---.
    Good luck.

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    The reason HPRP changed from forest to first lab is so they could save money. They don't care about your convinience.
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    sorry meant from first lab to fortes. they're a business after all and gotta make money.
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    the harder they make it for patients the more likely you might mess up and they can have a customer for longer.
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    Quote from jmsmacc
    Option 7 is EtG, option 1 is 12 drugs and ethanol. FirstLab and LabCorp can both kiss my ---.
    Good luck.

    I thought #1 was etg. Did they recently change #7 to etg/etoh?
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    Quite sure I've already answered this question, and it will be interesting to go back and see how I answered it in the past. Here's my answer today

    The bottom line is, they are only going to test your urine for the biproducts of any drugs or chemicals that are against the rules of your program. So, with that said, it doesn't really matter what each test number includes.

    With that said, if you still are dying to find out so you can try to screw around the system, then just call the 1-800 number on the lab form and ask them what test number blah blah blah tests for and they will tell you!
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    Recently, our Peer program here switched from LabCorp to Clinical Reference lab. We still use First Lab to call in for testing. The options on the LabCorp requisition used to have test numbers next to them. We always get option one (as far as i know). That test was # 764875 and this is the info: MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
    Adulteration (dilution) testing - creatinine, specific gravity, pH; amphetamines; barbiturates; benzodiazepines; cannabinoids (THC metabolite); cocaine (as benzoylecgonine); ethanol (alcohol); meperidine (DemerolŽ); methadone (DolophineŽ); opiates (codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone); phencyclidine (PCP); propoxyphene (DarvonŽ); tramadol

    It may be different for different states. The new lab (clinical Reference Lab) does not have test numbers listed next to options. But we still always get chosen for option 1. So i assume it is the same (or similar) profile. Probably switched lab due to costs.
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    Can anyone tell me what option #4 is for First Lab?
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    thought it was nubain & stadol in addition to the regular screened substances.

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