Uk trained nurse interested in working in America

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    Hi there I am a Scottish trained degree nurse and am interested in working in Orlando, I have minimal knowledge of how to go about this any help would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks Meghan

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    Let me move this to the Immigration Forum.
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    Thankyou! Is it in the right place now for people to reply?
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    Yes. Good luck.
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    Suggested reading is retrogression and the 6 plus years it will take to get a immigrant visa (usual visa for nurses that can not use NAFTA or E3 (Australian citizen)) and that starts once you find a employer willing to wait that long. Finding employer will not start until you have met Florida BON nurse requirements as a International nurse and for the UK a lot will depend on how long ago you trained and that your transcripts included both clinical and theory hours on Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult, and passing NCLEX
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    Hi there! I have been working as a nurse in Orlando for about 2 years now. As far as the visas/immigration stuff I'm not all that familiar...but basically in order to work as a nurse in the states you must past the NCLEX ( There is a minimum of 75 multiple choice questions, and I believe a maximum of 265. Once you pass this, you will be considered a Registered Nurse (RN). We have some really great hospitals here. What specialty would you like to work in?
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    P.S. I actually want to work as a nurse in London and maybe go to graduate school there

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