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Hi im a UK a and e nurse and have just started the emigration process to the US, Im really disheartened at how difficult it is and the hoops we appear to have to jump through!! ive just learnt that I... Read More

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    I am a registered UK nurse. My husband I have our green cards and SSN but I have never got my registeration in USA.

    In UK I trained as an Adult nurse only so I did not do the other parts.

    I was wondering what is the process for someone like me?

    I will be very grateful to hear from any of you who had similar situation as me?

    Thank you

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    You apply to the state you are in or plan to live in and wait to see what they say once you have met requirements. If your transcripts do not show clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetric and Adult they they will not allow you to sit NCLEX and if passed register as a RN. We have had a few post issues and then some who thought they would have issues didn't. The problem would then be finding somewhere that will allow you to make up the hours required. If in the UK there is no one that does this, if in the US then it is a case of finding a school willing to let you make hours up

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