Soon to be USRN (i hope) Filipino BSN Grad here!

  1. I have a few questions about filing and applications for RN. I am a foreign graduate and I am so confused because there are lots of here says about things needed to be done. I NEED HELP, please
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Contact the BON in the state in which you want to apply.Much has been written on here regarding certain states enforcing their requirements for IENs to obtain licensure.Some states also require a SSN# in order to apply.You will also require a Green Card which means you will have to find employer willing to wait the 6 years.
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  4. by   GitanoRN
    First of all I would like to Welcome you to the site, as I wish you the very best in all of you future endeavors. Having said that, I agree with the previous post, however, I have taken the liberty a posted a link below that could be useful to you, good luck... Aloha~

    CGFNS International " Global Credibility in Credentials Evaluation

  5. by   guiatorres
    Hi loriangel14,

    thank you for responding to my post. I am currently living in California and have seen most of the sad news about the concurrency problem going on with foreign BSN graduates like me. I am a legal resident of the US so the next step i have to do is apply for NCLEX exams, wait for my ATT if they would grant it, and if not i need to think of option B. (whatever it is lol) But, i have a question if you have an idea. Is there a way to know if I would be qualified to receive the ATT for CA BRN? I am just having second thoughts if I will still go through with my application or just don't do it anymore, this is stressing me so much :-( I am loosing hope
  6. by   guiatorres
    Hi Gitano RN,

    thank you for welcoming me here on this site. I have learned a lot from, and I will certainly recommend it to aspiring Registered Nurses.

    God Bless and Keep up the good work
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    There is no telling if you will be approved with CA state BRN however also be aware that there are several other states that are now doing the same in regards concurrency

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