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Hi I'm from India,Please need help with NMC OS2 registration verification ,any one gone through Saudi council registration verification??I'm currently stuck at verification.i was working as a nurse... Read More

  1. by   Samiepie
    Hi lils. You can ask the other nurses. Honestly I have no idea
    Thanks alot. I hope you all the best
  2. by   Lils
    Quote from Nania09
    Hello! Just what you did I email NMC regarding my situation & they grant me freedom to send the blank verification form with cover letter explaining why I did so, plus, I attached the said email and my Good Standing Certificate. Just explain on the email there's nobody who can process it for you.

    I hope it helps you a bit. Thank you
    What is the email ID of NMC u contacted.
  3. by   Lils
    Quote from krissyme
    Hi..I have a friend who requested for a new Cert of Good Standing because our agency for UK asked her to. She was able to. Unfortunately, you really need somebody in KSA now, just for her Saudi number to be used & for him/ her to pay the fee thru SADAD. I did the same last year.

    Now, may I ask, how did u process ur SCFHS verification for NMC, from outside KSA?

    Thank u.
    Hi did you got the answer for how to do verification from outside KSA. PLEASE REPLY OR Mail
  4. by   Blood Chemistry
    Hi I would like to ask some help for a sample explanation letter for a blank RAV form in NMC. And when u had your Professional Accreditation Certificate form Saudi Council did it appear like Nurse Specialist Technician?