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    Hi! Been following the discussion about verification of nurse registration since last week and I decided to join this site to get some help and be of assistance, if possible.

    Currently, I am applying for Further Assessment in Alberta's College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA). At this stage, the only requirement I need is the Verification of Registration from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) or known as the Saudi Council. I was advised that it is done online so I paid and received a Certificate of Good Standing via email in a matter of minutes. I thought everything was fine but the problem has just get started from that point.

    Two weeks ago, I sent the said certificate electronically but they advised me to have it printed and sent directly from its source that is Saudi Council. So I went there a couple of days back to ask them to send it as it is the requirement of CARNA (with the fee of sending to be paid by me) but they declined my request. They just gave me an envelope and instructed me to send it myself.

    The dilemma did not end there because last night, CARNA emailed me that the certificate does not include the Initial Date of Registration and that their Nurse Consultant will call them with this concern. As for my end, I am planning to go back there and have the Verification of Nurse Registration Form filled up in addition to the good standing certificate. However, I would like to hear from you guys who have the same concern or been processing their CARNA registration or with any other jurisdiction (eg., NMC UK, AHPRA) that requires registration verification from Saudi Arabia.

    Thank you!
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    Just so you all know, every jurisdiction in Canada demands that verifications such as those for registration in good standing and education be provided directly from the regulatory body or faculty of nursing. This requirement is very clearly stated on their web sites in the appropriate section of their how-to-apply section. This is the only method of guaranteeing the documentation hasn't been tempered with in some way.
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    Hi. I had the same problem with you when I am applying for my Ahpra registration. I worked in the middle east for 4 years. Then, while I'm here in Australia I requested for them to send the good standing and verification of registration but they did and said the same thing to me as what happened to you. After that i am hopeless to get that Saudi council thing so I informed AHPRA about it luckily they are very considerate here so they told me to request a certificate from my manager or director where i worked for 4 years to certify that i really work as an RN. Then it really helps they considered it but I just don't know there in Canada. Hope it helps.
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    Thanks for that naverth. I hope CARNA could be as considerate as AHPRA because as what I heard from them, they stick to their requirement. Anyhow, they told me that their consultant will contact Saudi Council for that detail. As from my end, I submitted the hard copy of the Good Standing Certficate (although they informed me late about the issue on its completeness when I sent it via email) and am trying to have the Nurse Registration Verification Request Form filled out by the local office here in our place with the help of our medical secretary. Hopefully, everything will be fine.
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    Hi janfrn, they did consider the document that I sent myself. Actually, I received a reply from them for me to be referred to KPU in Langley, BC. Maybe rules are rules but sometimes it can be adjusted, say, to give consideration if the reason is valid and I informed them ahead of time about the reason why the document did not directly come from SCFHS; however, I still encourage everyone to adhere to the procedure. I do not brag about it, it is just that I want to share this one to prove that as long as your documents are authentic, coupled by honesty and justifiable reason, they can be very considerate.
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    Hello naverth, as in your case, they considered mine. I am now for SEC Assessment in BC for they no longer conduct it in AB. However, since it would be a quite long process before I can be registered in AB, I am also working on my full application in the UK because fortunately, I was hired to work for the Northwest London Hospitals NHS Trust. Wish me luck as well.