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  1. Hi! Been following the discussion about verification of nurse registration since last week and I decided to join this site to get some help and be of assistance, if possible.

    Currently, I am applying for Further Assessment in Alberta's College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA). At this stage, the only requirement I need is the Verification of Registration from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) or known as the Saudi Council. I was advised that it is done online so I paid and received a Certificate of Good Standing via email in a matter of minutes. I thought everything was fine but the problem has just get started from that point.

    Two weeks ago, I sent the said certificate electronically but they advised me to have it printed and sent directly from its source that is Saudi Council. So I went there a couple of days back to ask them to send it as it is the requirement of CARNA (with the fee of sending to be paid by me) but they declined my request. They just gave me an envelope and instructed me to send it myself.

    The dilemma did not end there because last night, CARNA emailed me that the certificate does not include the Initial Date of Registration and that their Nurse Consultant will call them with this concern. As for my end, I am planning to go back there and have the Verification of Nurse Registration Form filled up in addition to the good standing certificate. However, I would like to hear from you guys who have the same concern or been processing their CARNA registration or with any other jurisdiction (eg., NMC UK, AHPRA) that requires registration verification from Saudi Arabia.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Just so you all know, every jurisdiction in Canada demands that verifications such as those for registration in good standing and education be provided directly from the regulatory body or faculty of nursing. This requirement is very clearly stated on their web sites in the appropriate section of their how-to-apply section. This is the only method of guaranteeing the documentation hasn't been tempered with in some way.
  4. by   naverth
    Hi. I had the same problem with you when I am applying for my Ahpra registration. I worked in the middle east for 4 years. Then, while I'm here in Australia I requested for them to send the good standing and verification of registration but they did and said the same thing to me as what happened to you. After that i am hopeless to get that Saudi council thing so I informed AHPRA about it luckily they are very considerate here so they told me to request a certificate from my manager or director where i worked for 4 years to certify that i really work as an RN. Then it really helps they considered it but I just don't know there in Canada. Hope it helps.
  5. by   EdOng
    Thanks for that naverth. I hope CARNA could be as considerate as AHPRA because as what I heard from them, they stick to their requirement. Anyhow, they told me that their consultant will contact Saudi Council for that detail. As from my end, I submitted the hard copy of the Good Standing Certficate (although they informed me late about the issue on its completeness when I sent it via email) and am trying to have the Nurse Registration Verification Request Form filled out by the local office here in our place with the help of our medical secretary. Hopefully, everything will be fine.
  6. by   EdOng
    Hi janfrn, they did consider the document that I sent myself. Actually, I received a reply from them for me to be referred to KPU in Langley, BC. Maybe rules are rules but sometimes it can be adjusted, say, to give consideration if the reason is valid and I informed them ahead of time about the reason why the document did not directly come from SCFHS; however, I still encourage everyone to adhere to the procedure. I do not brag about it, it is just that I want to share this one to prove that as long as your documents are authentic, coupled by honesty and justifiable reason, they can be very considerate.
  7. by   EdOng
    Hello naverth, as in your case, they considered mine. I am now for SEC Assessment in BC for they no longer conduct it in AB. However, since it would be a quite long process before I can be registered in AB, I am also working on my full application in the UK because fortunately, I was hired to work for the Northwest London Hospitals NHS Trust. Wish me luck as well.
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    Hi , Edong!

    I came to this forum to know about the experiences of those nurses in Saudi Arabia who are currently applying in other registration bodies in the UK or Canada. I have an ongoing NMC application since January this year. I accomplished all the requirements for pack 1, but they asked for a replacement document for my Saudi Council certificate. I sent them a plain photocopy of my Saudi Council ID the first time, but they asked me to send an authenticated photocopy instead. I went to the provincial branch of Saudi Council in Gassim where I am working to stamp my document as authenticated photocopy. I sent it back to NMC as instructed last June 8, 2014. I am currently waiting for my 2nd pack now. I hope it will finally go well. You have mentioned about Northwest London Hospitals NHS Trust in your post. Are you with ASC Global too? Are you done with your panel interview with the employers? How was your interview experience? Was it done via skype? I was lined up for the April 2014 batch of applicants for Skype interview, but it was cancelled. They haven't set another skype interview yet.
  9. by   EdOng
    Hello stylish_gem. I hope they would accept the authenticated copy of your Saudi License since they advised you to just have it authenticated. As from my end, I did send them a translated copy (also a certified true copy) of my Professional Accreditation Certificate and I did not have any problem with it. Actually, they sent me the full application or second pack after a month.

    Meanwhile, it was Greenfields who lined me up for an interview with Search Recruitment when they came to Manila. Since I wasn't able to attend it personally, we did it via Skype. They were suppose to be two but only one got to sit for it and it went fine, as the interviewer was warm and friendly. Anyways, try to ask your agent back there in the Phils for any update. They might as well line you up for the next employer's interview. Good luck!
  10. by   stylish_gem
    Hi there!

    Edong, you are lucky to have been interviewed by Search Recruitment via skype. I was lined up once for a skype interview by Greenfields with Search Recruitment last April 5 for Northwest London Hospitals NHS Trust, but it was cancelled. There was no advise yet from Greenfields as to when will be the next one, so I directly kept in touch with Search Recruitment via email the 2nd of June, and they told me that there is no skype interview schedule yet. Did Greenfields tell you not to resign yet until you get your decision letter?

    I am with several agencies, so I got confused with the hospitals in my previous post. Let me just get the facts straight. Northwest London Hospital is with Greenfields International while Kings College Hospital is with ASC Global. Can you give me helpful tips regarding your interview with Northwest London Hospitals? Were they after technical aspects or nursing care plans perhaps? Did you apply under medical and surgical nurse or general nurse category in Greenfields?
  11. by   EdOng
    Good morning! I'm still kinda sleepy but I think you really need some help here to lessen your worries. It's the same anxiety level that I had when I was at that stage, I guess.

    At first, I thought I won't get interviewed because they told me the same things - it is to wait for the next batch. However, they emailed me to ask for my Skype ID and my availability. So I waited patiently and decided to do it on their last day in Manila. The thing that surprised me is that they asked for the interview at 0730H on that very day, a bit far from what we finalized a week before that, which should have been 1100H. I'm letting you know this so that you know what to expect in case you'll do a Skype interview with them. They asked about fall, medication administration and about my nursing experience with some follow up questions, which I can no longer recall. By the way, Greenfields will get in touch with you for some helpful tips prior to the interview. They advised me actually to not ask if I made it through the interview but it was the interviewer who revealed it right away. On the last part, I was also asked to choose my area of assignment and I picked the medicine ward instead of endoscopy and surgery for the reason that it is somehow closer to the ICU/ITU in terms of routines.

    You are right, the recruitment for NWLHs NHS Trust is led by Greenfields and Search whereas for King's College it is ASC and Drake. Yah, the advice not to resign although already hired is from Greenfields and I think they are right.
  12. by   EdOng
    So you are also from Gassim, nice to know another "kabayan" who is processing her NMC application. I am working for the MOI by the way. Your situation is pretty hard for you are a female because we males can go anywhere from here as long as we are on off. Anyway, the verification may be accomplished on your behalf by another person. The SCFHS has to fill out, sign, stamp and send directly to NMC UK. It would be better to go there personally to ensure the accuracy of the details but if you have someone to process it is also fine, given your situation.
  13. by   EdOng
    To make it easier for us, I'll just answer your questions from the other forum on this thread if you don't mind stylish_gem.
  14. by   EdOng
    About the translation, I went to a registered translator here in Buraydah. It is along Al Khobaib street, our version of Riyadh's Batha here.

    Regarding your concern for the expiration of your IELTS test result, I think the NMC would consider it as long as it is still valid. Agencies may require at least a year. Since you already commenced with your application, you do not have to worry because the timeline for you to have a decision letter is up to 90 days unless additional papers shall be needed. Lately, the NMC gives an initial waiting time of 6-8 weeks for international application to be processed, which is longer compared to what they told me last April to follow up in 3-4 weeks. Yesterday, the agent told me that they have lots of applications to process lately. Still, another 2 weeks of patience for me or even 2 months if I'll be fortunate to not have any problems along the way.