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Hello everyone, I know many of you are wondering how I was able to do it. But first lets look back at the events leading to this moment. I Graduated last march 2012 and applied to the board of Nursing within days of coming back... Read More

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    Thank you so much god bless you!!!

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    Quote from SoCalNurse88
    Hi there Abycadaby! yes that would be the best thing to do at the moment because schools are requiring a letter as proof to show deficiencies. it is also a good idea to check with schools if there are any openings allowed to take MS and OB. there might be a waiting list for those schools. it might even be better to venture outside California to find schools as a back up.

    DO NOT APPLY YET WITH PEARSON VUE testing center until you have your ATT otherwise you have 1 year from the moment you apply to finish all the required courses instead of 3 years required from the CA-BRN to complete your deficiencies.

    here's how it works:
    first apply at: (I believe this is 150)
    then after submit all requirements from diploma, transcripts, etc.
    the board will reply to you in a couple of weeks (can take anywhere from 3-6 months)
    then the board might require you to take additional classes

    After you pass your classes submit your transcript
    you will receive your ATT by email (takes about 1.5 months)
    once your receive your ATT log on to
    Register to take the test ($200)

    then your are set

    socalnursee88, again thank you for giving hope. I am so glad you replied. god bless you!
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    Hi socalnurse88! Your story made me happy and gave me hope. Thank you.
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    Hello! If you don't mind can i ask from what school in the philippines did you graduate from? Did they provide you the documents you needed as well? I just passed the june nle 2013 and we're under petition for cali. I'm worried i might have the same problem as others. Btw did you apply for nclex twice? do i have to apply first to know my deficient courses or can i just take ob and ms right away in a university? Thank you for sharing your story btw. Really encouraging!
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    you're welcome Abycadaby good luck to you
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    Quote from SoCalNurse88
    you're welcome Abycadaby good luck to you
    socalnurse88 i tried to pm you but i think your box is full . please pm me whenever you get a chance for i have some few q's for you thanks!
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    SoCAlNurse88, I sent you message, please kindly check your yahoo messages. Thank you. And hoping for reply from you.
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    I think it's much better if you guys ask your questions all here on this post rather than using PM's, this way, we can all share your concerns and questions, unless it's top secret, lol.

    But this way, you can hope for a quicker answer since it seems like the mailbox is usually always full.
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    Quote from Jhenea_AZN
    Thank u socalnurse88! I had my appointment set up this coming Thursday with a nursing school director for the evaluation of my transcript. I really do hope they can accomodate me. By the way, how long was the validity of you ATT? Thank you again goodluck to your exam!
    Was the school able to accommodate you to make up for the deficiencies?
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    I am waiting and waiting for their reply.

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