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    Hi! I recently submit a re-application for NCLEX RN,I graduated from the Philippines, residing in California now. They replied that I needed to take medical surgical and OB nursing cause i lack clinical and theoretical hours. But i was able to take the exam last year June 2011.

    Now im looking for colleges where they can offer to take this subjects only. Can anyone help me with this.. I mean just wanna hear suggestions or comments.. >.< most colleges I emailed only offers to take the whole course. Thanks!

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    this what my friend received from the boards:

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]i graduated bsn in the philippines 2009 at university of the cordilleras. after taking the exam once they re-evaluate my application and found out that i did not qualify to take the exam. they sent me a reply letter asking for an additional requirement which are the clinical cases, which i did sent. i was awaiting for my authorization to test (att), however, they sent me a letter explaining that i am not eligible to take the nclex-rn examination due to the fact that i did not finish my rle cases before the graduation date which is march 19, 2009 and i found out that my cases did not meet there requirements. i finished all my cases back in the philippines.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]this is an excerpt from the letter:

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]::::the board of registered nursing has completed an evaluation of your application based on the documents submitter by university if the cordilleras. the result of the evaluation waas that the program you completed is not equivalent to the minimum requirements for licensure as set forth on business and professions code (b&p) section 2736(b).

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]colleges and universities have academic schedules in place that include when courses are to be completed within the semester and when the nursing program ends, this means that by the end of an academic program, students have completed all course work, both theoretical and clinical practice, and are awaiting graduation.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]the transcripts and clinical training records received from university of the cordilleras reflects a graduation date of march 19, 2009. in addition to the transcripts the board has received documentation regarding the related learning experience (rle) record and the required major-minor operations, the required assisted, actual deliveries and cord dressing.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]the board ha found discrepancies in your training. as previously stated, all theoretical and clinical practice must be completed prior to graduation date reflected on the official transcript. the documentation received verifies that you were completing clinical practice after your graduation date. we also show your clinical cases were not concurrent with your theory classes. :::

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]i took the theoretical classes before we were allowed to go on our clinicals. but the lack of patients made it difficult to complete those 5 cases during that semester that's why some of my cases were completed one or two semesters after the theory classes, and we were given ample time to complete the required cases before our baccalaureate graduation which was i believe was around april. it is a huge burden for me to be under this predicament. i hope i can coordinate with the dean and school in applying for a re-evaluation of my credentials. if they could give me assistance to clarify my clinical cases.
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    Here's the letter i got from BON.. I graduated march 2009. I have completed all my cases before my graduation.. This is making me feel hopeless O_o though i Know the solution is to enroll the subjects.. but Im having a hard time finding schools. My sister got the same response from the board of nursing..

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    this is crazy!! i just got my letter..i don't know what to do!!!
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    kabayan, when did u re-apply for the nclex? and how many hours did they say is the requirement for the clinical rotation? now im getting nervous by these posts for i still have to retake my exam.
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    Moved to the International forum

    There are many threads discussing this issue and we would prefer relies in one thread so everyone can follow
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    I took my nclex last year june 2011 then just re applied last december 2011.. >.< They did not mention how many hours.. but they wanted us to enroll the said subjects huhu
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    ok now im confused on how to re-apply. do we need to have our school validate the nursing hours again? coz when i called ca bon the evaluator only told me to send the application form, the disability form, and the check.
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    t's because we to directly speak with the licensing analyst. she's the one who will give provide us the eligibility. i have the same problem, and i am still waiting for their reply. this is really frustrating for us bsn graduate from the phil who struggled to finish our 4-year course and yet, still not eligible to take nclex. it's like the only way to be eligible for the second-time applicants is to go to school here in ca.
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    retetestis, when did u submitted ur re-application? did u try calling ca bon for any follow-up?

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