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    Just wanna ask, hows the experience taking the exam? Is it hard? what materials do i need to review and what usual categories are ask in the exam? and after passing the exam, how long do i need to wait for my visa to be process? i do have an employer and interviewed as well.. thanks for your replies

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    the test was fairly easy for me, i would recommend practicing blood pressure, and taking the pulse, you can only be so many numbers off from the procter's numbers. Of course you're gonna be nervous, but if u walk in there and say to yourself, hey I got this, then you'll walk out of there a cna. The test is always gonna have a recording skill, be if it's urine, weight, intake of food, whatever. Just make sure you write the number down, or you could possibly lose points, or even fail. And make sure you have your handwashing skills down pat,(Immediate fail if you forget, or shake your hands dry instead of patting them dry) my instructor helped us by telling us to say the ABC's 2 times while youre washing your hands, and as far as the visa thing, Im not sure about, so I couldnt help you there.But anyways, Good Luck, you'll do fine!!!!
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    hello cna23,

    I am also looking forward to work in qatar because my hubby also working there...i am afraid to take the prometric exam because of the cost what if i failed the exam?. can you give me some more advices..hehehe..
    thank you!
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    Hi bochog83,
    can i ask the name of your agency? thank you!
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    i took the exam last friday jan 21 and i passed! yey! anything goes for the nursing questions.. all aspects and categories in nursing practice must be reviewed.. my review material is the saunders nclex comp version, u need to practice that coz prometric is like taking nclex, u need to familiarize yourself or either make yourself comfortable with computer generated exams. the result was very fast,after clicking the end button and answering all of the 70 items, the result will appear on the screen, 70 items for 2 hours, u can log to prometric website and choose your exact exam applying for and need to pay 200$ and your scheduled. i reviewed for 3 days answering questionaires. prometric is located here in makati in phils.
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    calling for help to all who already taken the prometric exam for qatar..

    Please post some advice...

    Materials that you used? maybe some remembered questions?

    Thank you...
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    Moved to the International forum
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    thank you for that info...
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    Hi everyone im new to this forum.I will also be taking Prometric exam for nervous.hoping to pass though
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    Hi I'm a Filipino registered nurse applying for Qatar. My recruitment agency is OTG International Placement Agency. They requiring me to take prometric exam. They said that Saudi council prometric and Qatar prometric are same? Is it true??

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