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hello, i am an foreign graduate and an RN from philippines. i migrated here in california last nov 11 and was planning to take nclex here but when i submit all my requirements they told me that i am not eligible to take the nclex... Read More

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    to baynurse650:

    you mentioned about nj and ca. in nj, you need other documentation form that ca does not require:

    (from nj's own bon website) 1. a transcript review performed by the commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools(c.g.f.n.s.) (you are required to have the full education course by course report.).

    so ca does its own evaluations rather than use nj's and from what other states may also require. each state is independent of each other as to how it regulates its requirements.

    as to why you got your att and your other friend's didn't get the att and given the same courses, classes, instructors, etc--have you stated to your friends or the bon analyst who approved them seemed it was okay, why? are you able to compare the documentations you got and what they got? if you noticed in the other poster's mention, she had a friend who referred her rejection letters and those of a few others to a ca lawyer, who stated that he was questioning how one can get thru and another person was denied the att from the same source? there was other posters in the int'l section, that ca bon wanted names of who got in, but they didn't, but guess what? they didn't give out the name(s) for fear, it will cause their friends applications or licenses to be revoked or suspended. so say, if you got your att and passed, but your classmate who you graduated with, had the same or near same courses together, didn't get their att, either the analyst was different or the same analyst was asleep at the wheel or you got lucky, but good for you, bad for them.

    with regards to your statement "why would they need such a thing when american curriculums won't even let student nurses perform actual assists in the or?" the usa side does not have scrubs or actual delivery requirements, those are cases that are a requirement from overseas, not here. the cases you talk about are about actual cord deliveries and a few other items, again, it's not a us requirement nor ca bon's. the clinical experiences must done at the same time as the theory. we have no such need for cases, but we must spend the clinical hours with an instructor/preceptor on the floor and each student will have their own patient(s).

    your comment about "basically this means, they can still deny your licensure for reciprocity to california on the grounds that your foreign nursing education is still not good enough for a california license on the grounds that your clinicals and lectures were not concurrent." has been discussed several times in the other forums here. did you know that outside of a possible language barrier in taking the nclex, there are studies showing that the exam failure rate from the phillipines is almost 70% versus more than a 70% passage rate in ca. just go to the int'l section and you'll see other overseas graduates there saying they are taking the test for the "2nd or 3rd or more times". if that happens to any ca nursing schools, they will be looking very heavily at the student and look at that school's education way of why their students are failing at such a high rate and they will be removed from the approved list. in ca, you can take the exam for unlimited of times every 45 days. some states require any applicants after 3 or so failures to take a refreshner course and recently some ca applicants have been required to take a remedial course. in canada, after 3 tries, you lose your chances to become a nurse but can work and do lpn or cna type of work.

    my point is that there is a higher nclex pass rate when students who have their clinical and theoreticals done concurrently, not months later, semesters later or even two years later as over there. the instructors here in ca have a more greater knowledge in their work experiences (years) and must be approved by the ca bon versus from what i was told, sometimes it's other recent graduated students conducting these clinicals, i mean, really?

    well, i could go on, but the thing is we all have to comply with ca bon's rules, so should everyone wanting to be licensed in ca. there are no separate rules. there's no uniformed bon and you just go where things fit given the circumstances.

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    hi there guys, to ask if anyone here did try to find a school and enroll in there for "additional course work?"..
    i do have the same problem too..and i agree in above mention that we have nothing to do with it we should abide what rules they have, now,i was planning to apply for LVN for the meantime,hoping it'll works for i could save enough money and can support myself in that additional course work...i know,everything will fall into their places someday..juz keep the faith guys,twas never too late for all of us.....Godbless..and Goodluck!
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    Hi,if you pass the NCLEX-RN exam outside California do you need to work in the state as a nurse where you take your exam before you can transfer in California or request for license for endorsement?
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    Quote from xanne0725
    Hi,if you pass the NCLEX-RN exam outside California do you need to work in the state as a nurse where you take your exam before you can transfer in California or request for license for endorsement?
    It will not matter if you do pass the NCLEX in any state, as to apply into CA via thru license endorsement, CA BON will request your college records and if those are already not meeting the minimum requirements, it will be denied.
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    is there anyone here from Los Angeles area? i just need to ask about schools in LA area accredited by the CA BON
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    Quote from kishmwah
    is there anyone here from Los Angeles area? i just need to ask about schools in LA area accredited by the CA BON
    Pick and choose your heart's desire:

    Board of Registered Nursing - RN Programs
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    My friend passed her NCLEX in florida and worked for more than two years she applied for reciprocity here in CA but got denied.
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    i think it's because she didn't met the required requirements that BRN-CA is asking for. Could be due to concurrency issues regarding her cases and theory.
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    Hi,I got the same problem as other NCLEX applicant do!I got a letter from BON states that my theory and clinical cases/practice is not concurrent and that I have to go back to school and complete the additional course work,even if its not OK we have to go back to school to meet their requirements but the real problem is there is no School from their approved list that offer that additional course anymore.We called most of the school that listed on their website,but all of them said that they don't have that course.Its so depressing and frustrating that just to take the exam is so difficult and then after we passed this trial of applying and taking the exam here comes another hard part for us to find a job.Well I hope BON knows how to compensate on this problem.They want us to go back to school,then they should give us the real school we need.

    Anyway does anyone know any school approved by the BON that still offer this course???

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