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Hello, I am an foreign graduate and an rn from Philippines. I migrated here in California last Nov 11 and was planning to take nclex here but when I submit all my requirements they told me that I am... Read More

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    Quote from rcolano
    Thanks for advising JustBeachyNurse that I know i will be a newbee again in applying, i can't help being disappointed. Do you know other states that don't do this hulabaloo? How about Oregon and Florida?
    If you wish to work as an RN in either of those two states as soon as you pass the NCLEX, then you should simply apply to them and meet those requirements.

    There are other posters here who applied, failed the NCLEX, then upon the re-application were then denied the ATT just months after their previous approval.

    Once the enforcement starts, any and all applicants are subjected to those changes, whether it be the next day or weeks or months later, it's within the CA BRN rights to do so.

    Endorsing back any out of state RN license to CA will still need to meet the CA BRN requirements and years of working US nursing experience will not meeting any deficiencies as it's always based on your school's original transcripts.

    Remember that the CA BRN is only enforcing a rule that was in policy since 1987, it's not any brand new one, just started the implementation (effective Nov. 2011).

    There's a very strong belief it started when the CA BRN caught wind of many fraudulent transcripts coming from the PH. Once their investigators started looking more into it, that's when it was found that the majority of PH applicants do not meet the concurrency rules, that also is applied to any and all domestic and CA own applicants.

    Thus that's why the PH application process must now go thru the "microscope", thanks to the previous greedy and selfish PH applicants.

    It's not the CA BRN fault at all but probably friend of a friend of a cousin or someone else who decided to cheat the system and to get a nursing license at any cost (with the Devil).
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    Here's one of the flashpoints from the CA BRN of the PH nurses:

    CLICK here on this link: Use fake transcripts and go to jail!

    I remember seeing elsewhere on the website of at least 134 other PH applicants under question and expanded the CA BRN investigators to 14.

    Btw, anyone know of any of the seven cheaters? Just curious
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  3. by   rcolano
    Thank you so much steppybay for all the infos you feed. I was very informed and upon learning all those unscrupulous and selfish minded people, a lot of us applicants will suffer. Thanks for your time
  4. by   hanipee
    Can anyone tell me how to get the Californian Board of Registered Nursing to answer the phone! I've been trying for the last 3 success. The machine just hangs up after saying it has 'a high volume of calls'. I've also tried emailing and fax. Nothing seems to get me a response.

    Also can anyone tell me what is a Clinical record Instruction (Booklet)? I have already sent my Transcript in to the Board. However they are requesting for this from my School.

    Thanks for your advise and suggestions.
  5. by   jerzie
    hi I am new here, im having the same problem. I also graduated in the manila but now I am residing in ca, i want to apply nclex rn and lvn. Is it possible if i processed it at the same time?
  6. by   jv_xv
    Hi, I'm new here. I just want to ask if there's a topic or discussion re: other States in US that don't have this "concurrency" rule like here in CA? I also applied for eligibility to take the NCLEX-RN exam but was denied by CABON bec. of concurrency and need to take up 2 addtn'l courses.