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Planning to take an NCLEX in New York State

  1. 0 Hi there, I'm an immigrant from Philippines and presently living in Washington state. I'm a nurse in the Philippines and I'm planning to take the nclex exam in new York state. I'm wondering if they still require me to take the IELTS exam even though I'm already a immigrant here in US? I need your opinion fellow nurses
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    Hi, and welcome. It's not an opinion you need, though, it's the facts: contact the NYS Board of Nursing and ask don't want to take chances on being led astray.

    Good luck!
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    nope,you dont need to take IELTS..!
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    But where do you plan on living and working? If Washington state then check with them what is required if trained outside the US and endorse a license. Some will still require English exams when endorsing regardless if immigrant already or if USC
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    HI I'm planning to take NCLEX-RN, and i would like to ask whick come first, to apply at NYSED Board of Nursing or CGFNS first? i already took a seminar for Infection control, probably I'll take the child abuse today hope you could help me thanks!
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    Apply to CGFNS first as the processing times for CVS is anything up to 6 months. Only once you know your file is getting close to completion would I say apply to the BON