Philippine denied by RN apply to LVN

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    As some may know, I use to work for the BVNPT and have a friend currently working there. I was reading the other posts and told her and she has some hints for you all.

    To some previous posters....yes they answer the phones right at 8am as the phones are now through the internet and start ringing at 8am.
    No employee will ever tell you on the phone or email if you qualify without all paperwork with application filed. They will tell you what you need but cannot tell you if you qualify because those same people will throw those words back at you that you said they'd qualify but the paperwork comes in differently. Bottom line, don't expect a yes or no answer on qualifying by telephone or email before your file has been evaluated.

    The BVNPT and the RN Board are two completely separate boards and can only share the transcripts at the applicant's request. The LVN Board does not have the concurrency requirement however, they do require a certain amount of hours to be completed in certain areas therefore, the BVNPT requires your school to complete the Record of Nursing Program form. This form is NOT with the RN Board. It is the BVNPT's form. She said she constantly has people saying the RN Board transferred that form which is impossible since it's not their form.

    She also said the applicant's are not completing all forms required for the BVNPT. Make sure you have your application page completed, the Record of Conviction form, the 2 photos and a livescan for the BVNPT. You cannot use the same livescan that you used for the RN Board as it is illegal to share fingerprint results between boards or agencies.

    If you have been denied by the RN Board, send the Record of Nursing Program form to your school for completion. It will be required in addition to the transcripts. Also, people are not submitting proof of 12th grade. Send in a copy of your secondary certificate.

    The Declaration page is determined after initial evaluation.

    Her other recommendation is that it is taking a minimum of 10 weeks. In addition to all the LVN applications, they are now doing all the RN denials with less employees (governor laid off 8 employees plus the retirees). Do not send paperwork to the Board regular mail and then expect a worker to hunt through 1000 pieces of mail to see if they got your mail. Send it certified. The few evaluators they have are the same people that have to unt for your mail so if you take them away from their desk, they aren't evaluating.

    If you send in your application certified, you will get a receipt of the date the Board received it. You can then go to the website after 8 weeks, email the Board and ask what date the new applications are being worked. They will email you back with the current date they are working on. You will then know if they are getting close to your application. She did tell me that they do not like being behind any more than applicant's hate waiting so long but the governor didn't let them hire or keep people because the RN Board is denying people. Help them to help you.

    Application with fee
    12th grade/secondary
    Record of Conviction (not an option, must complete and return to the Board)
    Transcripts (you can order a copy to be sent from RN Board)
    Record of Nursing Program form-send to your school to send back to the Board.

    Send certified or Return Receipt

    Hope that helps!

    Just wanted to add: This is for anyone anywhere who is not approved at the RN Board whether foreign or domestic.
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    do you know where I can get lvn application form?
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    Quote from imlhen08
    do you know where I can get lvn application form?
    The application is on their website. Check CA LVN website
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    hey guys, just want to ask if did you still fill up/submit your RECORD OF NURSING XP and EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION? it is so confusing.
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    what method did you use guys? thanks
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    Thank u for the information u posted "12th grade/secondary" --- is that High School Transcripts?
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    LVN success! Someone I know licensed in another state as RN got an LVN license after passing the exam. Not too bad.
    And an RN license got renewed easy, no truth to some rumors. It's great to be an RN in CA!
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    hi. what is 12th grade proof?
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    High School diploma
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    Quote from lhenskie
    High School diploma
    thanks lhenskie, so that's what I needed to send during application, i meant, the original copy of my highschool diploma in philippines?

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