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  1. 0 Hi I just submitted my pack 1 to the NMC, i am on a spouse visa (married to uk citizen), im currently working as a healthcare assistant in St georges nhs hospital here in london. I graduated with BSN degree in the Philippines and passed the board exam on december 2007. After passing the board, I went straight to Saudi Arabia to work as a nurse for 1 year and moved here in england last august 2010. my questions are:1. does my post registration meet the minimum standards of NMC even i have had it from another country (saudi) not from my country of training (philippines) 3 years ago?2. can my present matron sign as one of my current reference as im working under her ward, even im working as HCA only? I will get another reference from my chief nurse in saudi when i worked there as a staff nurse. 3. can my friend process my forms in the philippines on my behalf? 4. will i be the one to send the signed forms from my registration regulatory board (prc) or should be them? as i have read from the other applicants, im afraid due to backlogs of applications in manila, my forms will be sent delayed so I was thinking if my friend can process it for me and send them all in one pack to me via fedex and i will be the one to send them when i received it here in uk. sorry for my typing, im using my phone... your reply is so much appreciated... THanks in advance...Darwin
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    Your HCA shouldn't count towards your 12 months post grad experience as you are not working as a RN but a HCA. If you have your experience in SA and it was as a RN you should be OK but may need to get something that proves this from SA. Usually forms have to come direct from the establishment ie PRC has to send your forms back to the NMC
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    i worked as RN in Saudi Arabia, I still have contacts with my superiors... thanks for your reply...
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    My pack 2 just arrived, my confusions are in most current employer im working as hca in the nhs but one of the reference required is the most recent one within 3 years, i worked in saudi as rn but when i moved to uk 2 years ago i only work as hca.. What should i use as second referee?
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    hello, I'm searching in the net and I've found this site very helpful with regards to my NMC application. . .I'm waiting for the 2nd pack to arrive and I'm just wondering if my one-year continuous volunteer training will count as enough training experience for the application?. . . .
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    Hi there greatxander...i see tht you have worked here in saudi arabia... Im currently working here as an RN too. I have an ongoing application with the NMC, I submitted the requirements for pack 1 however nmc sent me a letter asking for a certificate of registration from the saudi council. The council only releases a certificate of good standing and certificate of accreditation. How did you get through with your certificate of registration from the saudi council? Your reply would be very much appreciated...thanks a lot!
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    If you were not registered I'm Saudi then it won't count as your 12 months.
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    with your full application pack (pack 2) comes a verification that you will sent to the saudi commission for health specialities or saudi council for them to accomplish and to send directly to the nmc. hope it helps.

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