NMBI Application Pack - page 69

Hi everyone, I am a registered nurse in the Philippines and now working as an Intensive Care Unit Nurse here in Saudi Arabia for almost two years. I am planning to move my nursing career... Read More

  1. by   maxolon2477
    Hi Karakara,RN

    I had taken my CBT last Nov.22 and i passed . if u like i can share to you my reviewer . Im also processing my NMC because Ireland at the moment slowed down in their recruitment because its December time.
  2. by   dianemc12717
    Hi! I'm about to start my NMBI application. I need some advice.

    I took my IELTS last Nov 25 and got scores acceptable for the NMBI. Then, I got married last Dec 7.

    Do you guys think it will be better for me to start my application as a single or married woman? Any ideas about the process for changing the name and civil status after you become registered as a nurse in Ireland?

    I would really appreciate any information from you guys. Thanks and God bless us all.
  3. by   goforireland
    Hi everyone, i hope someone can answer my inquiries. I just sent my request application for NMBI and am I supposed to receive an acknowledgment email from them that ill be receiving my NMBI pack? or am I just going to wait?. Also anyone here who is unemployed and trying to apply any agencies? im kind of worried for the work gap plus my area currently doesn't have any vacancies. I guess im trying to say is that do you think its okay If i dont have any employer yet while waiting for my DL, I know its better to have an agency but no one wants to take my applucation (.
  4. by   goforireland
    hi maxolon2477 do you already have a decision letter for Ireland? youre switching to go to UK instead?
  5. by   goforireland
    Hi! did you continue UK or IRELAND? in a way I can relate to you but we have different scenarios. currently, no agencies are taking interest with my applciation because of my are and curretnly im unemployed. im worried with my work gap and its making me think if i should just apply in UK instead because waiting for DL would take 3 mos more huhu